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Windows Phone 7 Development

At WorldSystems, we have the most expert team on hand to produce a range of creative and innovative solutions for a varied range of mobile phone devices. With our rich knowledge of Microsoft technology, our team is more than capable of delivering the highest quality development for Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 Development Options

Our professional team are widely experienced in all the intricacies of the Windows 7 Phone development environment as well as .Net Compact Framework. By drawing on their existing knowledge of Microsoft Expression Blend, Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight, they can deliver robust and reliable Windows 7 Phone application development services. An important success factor amongst our team is that they take time to understand the requirements of our smart phone clients which, when added to their technical expertise, allows them to use the Windows Phone 7 development tools to create the most appropriate solutions. We are experts in:

  • Migrating older applications based on earlier versions of the Windows Mobile Operating System.
  • Designing and developing business and gaming applications for the Windows Phone 7
  • Developing commercial applications for the Windows Phone 7
  • Providing porting for Android, Symbian and iPhone applications to the Windows Phone 7 development platform.

We have Unrivalled Expertise in the following Windows Phone 7 Development Technologies:

  • Core Animation, SQLLite and XML/HTTP
  • IMAPI, commonly used for SMS and emailing purposes
  • .Net Compact Framework
  • SOAP/XML and web services
  • Support to Exchange ActiveSync on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Windows Media Play for audio and visual use
  • Windows Mobile 2003 (for Pocket PC Software Development Kit)
  • Windows Mobile versions 5.0, 6.0 and 6.5 Software Development Kit and Pocket PC 2000
  • Visual Studio versions 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010 and EVC++4

We are a people-orientated business, so we make a significant investment in maintaining and enhancing the knowledge and skills of our team by providing the most appropriate and timely training as well as the most sophisticated technology. We also offer a skills certification program and they attend international conferences and seminars. These initiatives ensure our workforce is equipped to competently undertake application development for these activities:

  • Business, commerce and industry
  • Gaming, leisure and entertainment
  • Information and knowledge systems
  • Management and Multimedia
  • Security protocols
  • Social media and networking
  • Web-based services
  • And many other customized solutions.

Our options for hiring experts who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the Windows 7 Phone development tools are flexible and have been specifically designed for our clients convenience. We are a well-established Windows Phone 7 development business, renowned in our marketplace for our high quality solutions.

To learn more about us and our services, contact us today to find out how we can help with your projects.

Depending on your requirements, WorldSystems can offer you the option of hiring an individual developer or an application development for Windows Phone 7 team on a flexible hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangement.

Essentially, you can choose the arrangements that suit you best!