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Website Development and Design Services

WorldSystems offers professional website development services to a large client base. Our expert design professionals are capable of completing many different types of web development projects from simple brochure portals to complex, multi-level corporate websites. The large talent pool at WorldSystems have all the necessary customer-facing and technical skills to deliver websites of all sizes and complexity. Our website development business provides both front and back-end solutions using the most up-to-date development tools and market trends.

Professional Website Development and Design Services

Website Appearance

Using the latest technology, our experts are able to deliver unique and attractive solutions that showcase your business individuality and make you stand apart from your competitors. Our ecommerce website development is based on:

  • Professionally attractive styles
  • Consistency in style and layout
  • Unique corporate brand identity
  • Compatible and striking color schemes
  • Rational and effective use of space.

Website Friendliness and Usability

Regardless of the purpose of the website, our objective is to keep interfaces fresh, simple and intuitive. We carefully incorporate the following features:

  • Intuitive interfaces that are user-friendly
  • Easy navigation
  • Interactive functionality powered by AJAX
  • Task-based processes and workflow
  • Easy and convenient accessibility.

Thoroughly Useful Functionality

Front-end Functionality

It is the usefulness of your site that transforms it from a mere shop window into a dynamic business engine. WorldSystems provides custom-made solutions to incorporate all the functionality that best suits your unique needs. Our designs are modular and, therefore, scalable so that clients can build additional functionality quite conveniently and inexpensively if the need arises. This means you get the best return now and reduce the cost for web development in the future should you need to extend your system.

Administration Requirements for Back-end

We can incorporate various back-end administrative features allowing you full website management control. This can include such non-technical requirements as creating and publishing web content, managing documents and files and dynamic page generation. You can also set user access levels and various permissions according to the various job functions of your staff.

Our Team are Experts at Back-end Web Development and Programming

Our team of experts can create powerful, highly functional and fully interactive sites using the most sophisticated tools for website development. Essentially, we provide our clients with a full range of secure back-end administration features, including database functionality, for even the most complex and advanced website management.

Our Approach

During the full website development design project lifecycle, we will support you in defining, creating and implementing your online business quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Communication Channels

We understand how important good communication is to make any project succeed. Therefore, we provide a transparent two-way communication channel so that we can understand your requirement in the first instance, advise you accordingly and keep you up-to-date while the project is underway. At the outset, we assign a Project Manager to each development project so that clients can contact WorldSystems through that single point. Our communication methods include telephone, email, Skype, instant messaging, personal visits and other methods when appropriate.

Our Processes

We rely on such trusted industry methods as Agile and RUP for our development practices. Ours is a pragmatic approach where we gauge the level of resources for each project in order to achieve optimum cost-efficiency. We are adept at judging when projects need a limited or a large amount of manpower and we will adjust our resources accordingly. However, we always apply strict quality control and we never compromise or cut corners.

Our Solutions

We apply our exceptional industry knowledge and experience to provide the most appropriate solutions for each individual requirement. At the outset, our experts analyze each requirement meticulously. From there, they devise the most suitable approach in terms of resources, architecture, technology and tools, taking potential future scalability into account.

Our Quality Control

We have a specialist Quality Assurance team whose remit is to monitor quality and apply appropriate levels of testing at every stage. This testing ensures that coding standards are compliant and error-free, that GUI’s are suitable and that all functionality is present and correct. Other factors, such as performance, stability and reliability, are also included in our website development company test policy.