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Symbian Development

The Symbian Operating System (OS) is globally popular in the smart phone world. It is an operating system often linked to the Nokia phone, but others like Ericsson, Samsung and Sony use it. Applications created on the Symbian s60 development environment are in high demand amongst a wide global clientele owing to the popular of the Nokia handset. The Symbian application environment is feature-rich and robust and very suitable for development purposes. It is a statistical fact that 68 million Nokia smart phones loaded with the Symbian operating system were sold in 2009 alone. So, it is clear this is a highly innovative and profitable marketplace.

Because many famous mobile phone brand names support the Symbian OS for developing applications, it’ credentials are obviously excellent. In fact, this has made it one of the most popular operating environments the world over.

The company, WorldSystems, specializes in customized application development for mobile technology and our experience in deliver applications based on Symbian OS series S40, S60, S80, S90 and UIQ is very well proven.

At WorldSystems, we offer:

A team of Symbian programmers is highly competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of Symbian software development and fully familiar with the Symbian development tools. This ensures they can produce multimedia solutions that are feature-rich, attractive in appearance and user-friendly. We are totally focused on ensuring our clients are fully satisfied with every solution we deliver. To achieve this, we:

  • Take time to fully understand what our clients really need;
  • Apply our Symbian development skills to ensure we incorporate our clients’ expectations into every solution;
  • Put in place the necessary Symbian apps development cycle, which we carefully plan and manage from start to end.

At WorldSystems, we consider a successful Symbian solution to be one that lasts a long time. So, our developers ensure that our development process has all the necessary and scalable attributes for a long and serviceable lifespan.

An excellent aspect of our team is that each member keeps up-to-date with the most current developments and trends in our marketplace, with especial reference to Symbian mobile development technologies and techniques. This ensures we are able to provide trendy and current applications to our clientele.

Why Choose WorldSystems?

As a market-leading provider of mobile and Symbian Development services, WorldSystems offers an exceptional quality of expertise from our outsourcing center in India. We can create and deliver innovative applications for business, gaming, sporting and many other types of popular activity. Our Symbian solutions are certainly superior because we apply high levels of dedication and passion to our craft.

We Offer a Full Range of Symbian Development Services

Our team are sufficiently experienced and skilled to create applications for the S60 3rd and 5th edition mobile phones. Our extensive knowledge places us in the privileged position of being able to create applications in a short timeframe so that our clients can rapidly get their products to market cost-effectively. Our portfolio includes complex development projects and tailored solutions across numerous industry sectors for a global clientele.

Our Symbian Development Expertise Includes:

  • Animation, graphics and modeling and similar services
  • Creating business, marketing and sales applications
  • Developing gaming applications
  • Developing Google maps and GPS solutions
  • Networking services for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi applications
  • Utility and productivity solutions
  • Web-based services and application integration
  • Handling multimedia applications and modules such as live video streaming and recording types such as AAC, AMR and WAV
  • Implementing complex communication services on servers, of which Facebook server is an example
  • Symbian sign processing
  • We handle security solutions based on, for example, Content guard, Antitheft and Login Manager for Mobile use.

If you are considering outsourcing your Symbian app development projects or want to hire Symbian developers, feel free to contact WorldSystems now to get high quality and affordable solutions that fully comply with the Symbian operating system recommended standards.

To reap all the benefits Symbian has to offer and to get the highest quality development, contact WorldSystems today!