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When Events Require Transforming the IT Function

Most businesses operate in a rather complacent IT environment. Their current IT software suits their needs, and there is a comfort in the fact that all employees are completely familiar with the modules and apps and like things the way they are. Change is difficult, but sometimes a business transformation occurs that requires transforming the IT function in significant ways. Generally, an IT transformation is necessitated by unusual or rapid growth, an acquisition, or a merger, but a transformation may also be warranted when an existing system is simply outdated and not meeting business process management needs.


WorldSystems provides exceptional IT transformation services in business, manufacturing, educational, public, and non-profit environments, at local, regional, national and international levels. Transformation technology consulting, although still an emerging field for most, has been a large part of our work for the past decade, and we have developed the skill sets to make transforming the IT function as “painless” as possible while designing architectures and systems, implementing the changes and providing the required training to all affected personnel.

Recently, for example, we were asked to transform a technology system as two large banks merged, and this obviously required a wholly new SOA in order to merge branches, sales forces, products, and operations. The transformation of functions included a combination of web-based innovations, including private and managed clouds, providing a functional model for migration of data and design of new software to merge the disparate functions of both banks. In transforming the IT function, our creative team of banking specialists was able to define the needs and goals and then to design a system of portals, modules and apps that met them. The transition required significant training, and this was accomplished within weeks, as each new piece of the technology was implemented. Part of the difficulty in transforming the IT function for any organization is the implementation phase, because the enterprise must continue to functionally operate during the transition. The specialists at WorldSystems are keenly aware of this difficult period and can manage each phase of a transformation with ease and grace.

If you require an IT transformation, allow WorldSystems to provide a free consultation and case studies of our work in this critical area. We believe you will be impressed with our successful history of transforming the IT function for a wide variety of enterprises.