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Risk Management & Compliance – New Solutions from WorldSystems

In an increasingly regulatory environment, with accompanying risk factors, CIO’s are looking for comprehensive enterprise GRC solutions that provide governance and policy management, risk assessment and response, regulatory compliance and reporting, and incident and threat management. Many of these CIO’s have “landed” at the doorstep of WorldSystems, in order to obtain an integrated risk management & compliance suite that supports their specific compliance & risk management needs.

WorldSystems has teams of compliance and risk management IT specialists in locations throughout the world, who are tasked with providing customized and integrated software solutions for governance, risk management and compliance. Our 500 specialists, in fact, have produced creative and reasonably-priced comprehensive GRC software solutions that can migrate a divergent group of in-house developed systems to a better performing, flexible and easier to use risk management and compliance system. Our compliance risk management solutions have assisted over 100 companies from around the world to obtain an integrated platform for corporation of governance and policy, compliance and risk management. From banking, to insurance, to other enterprises that are particularly impacted by Basel III and Solvency II regulations, WorldSystems has provided IT systems of governance risk and compliance that not only organize and analyze critical information and data but, as well, automate compliance reporting and efficiency. We build software to ensure that capital allocations are risk-sensitive and build formal techniques for quantifying risk, adding business value through an improvement of decision making, and thereby, enabling informed strategic planning.

WorldSystems works with individual clients to define its marketscope for IT governance risk and compliance management, including the following steps:

  • Identifying the specific regulations related to their industry
  • Identifying the “risk appetite” or tolerance of the company itself
  • Develop IT frameworks to meet regulatory requirements

Provide risk management & compliance software functions that allow informational flow, aggregation of data in meaningful ways, and automated reporting modules for both in-house and regulatory agency use.

Certainty in this economic climate is an unreachable goal. With risk management & compliance solutions from WorldSystems, however, integration of all GRC functions can certainly dramatically reduce uncertainty!