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Global Industrialization and Sourcing

Executives need to decide how to maintain organizational architectures (OA) that will put the company in a good post-recovery position.

WorldSystems has the industrialized services to deliver industrialization solutions aimed at helping you to respond to those challenges.

The global recession has forced business and industry leaders to re-think their options and to design strategies to maintain current operations and to place themselves in a competitive position for the long-term. Part of this thinking necessarily involves global sourcing and industrialization, because “mean and lean” will promote sustainability. Several areas of transformation must be considered, and WorldSystems can assist as the following are considered:

  • Taking advantage of global product sourcing and reviewing current needs against such opportunities
  • Global sourcing of production when labour costs and tax benefits can bring much greater return-on-investment
  • Global sourcing jobs when they can be performed off-site for less cost

WorldSystems is a leader in global sourcing and industrialization solutions, with the expertise to deliver a framework for strategic planning that allows companies to measure, track, and report business performance relative to its clients’ sourcing and procurement activities.

Our consultants work with each client to develop an organizational architecture that will analyze the cost and risk of becoming a global sourcing company, and design global sourcing solutions for products, production, and staff within the framework of an umbrella global sourcing strategy.

Global sourcing and industrialization are becoming a new normal for corporations that wish to remain competitive and growth-oriented. The IT solutions of WorldSystems will allow any company to perform cost and risk analyses associated with joining the increasing number of global sourcing companies and to determine which specific functions of its operation are most appropriate for global sourcing

WorldSystems has worked with finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies as they perform analyses of global sourcing and industrialization options and then implement those strategies and functions with an integrated organizational architecture.

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