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Service Model

Depending on the size and nature of their project, we offer clients a tailored service Model ensuring the project is delivered on time and within budget. While our service delivery models are flexible, the most popular type is the ODC (offshore development center) or dedicated resources delivery model. This method means that we can make programmers and/or IT support personnel available to work on a contract basis at a client site. Another popular model is the fixed price/fixed time arrangement where costs are calculated on a fixed price for a fixed time.

Choosing the dedicated resources or the ODC service Model

As IT service delivery models go, this offers IT development and support personnel, knowledgeable in the fields of programming, project management and infrastructure, for specific projects on a contract basis. The main benefit of this model is that experienced and suitable infrastructure is readily available.

You can hire individual offshore developers or an entire team to work solely for you 8 hours per day for 5 or 6 days per week, as required. Furthermore, you can increase or decrease staff numbers according to your needs as you go along.


This service Model is suitable for:

  • IT businesses as an extended arm of their existing resources.
  • Business with urgent requirements and resource or facility shortages.
  • Long term projects.
  • Regular or routine maintenance work such as website enhancement, data entry, back office and technical support or SEO activities.

Benefits of our service Model

The chief benefit of outsourcing your application and web development to an offshore location is the cost-effectiveness in terms of personnel and equipment. It allows you to focus on your strategic business objectives.

It also reduces your responsibility towards, for instance, employee remuneration and benefits, staff training or health and safety costs. Furthermore, you can reduce your technology and infrastructure costs in terms of purchasing, replacement or upgrading. Your offshore outsourcing partner will take care of these.

If you choose to hire a programmer from us, you benefit from dedicated resources and save between 60 and 70% on locally sourced IT and web development services.

The Fixed Price/Fixed Time service Model

  • This model suits organizations whose projects are clearly defined in terms of requirements and deadlines.
  • The project costs and timescales are agreed at the outset. The most suitably qualified personnel and technology are then assigned. Any further project changes are calculated separately.
  • Because the project deliverables are defined at the outset, this service model ensures that projects are guaranteed to be delivered on time and within budget.

Features of the Fixed Price/Fixed Time Model

Project requirements clearly understood and estimated.

Contract details agreed and deposit paid.

Project prototype and framework approved.

Programming and coding completed according to agreed prototype.

Client testing and bugs fixed according to feedback.

Client acceptance and project signed off. Final project payment made.

Source code handed over and implemented on server.

Support provided according to the agreed terms.

Maintenance and support agreement put in place if required.

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) service Model

This model is based on asset-building. It enhances shareholder value and it reduces the longer term dependency that often accompanies traditional-style of outsourcing arrangements. This Weblineindia’s building approach is beneficial to businesses in managing their growing operational demands. Converting the investment a client makes on outsourcing into an asset-building model, provides them with ownership of the offshore outsourcing operation.

Marketing consultant service model

The marketing consultancy service model suits a marketing business with an established clientele.

Clients can pass on or resell their contacts or enquiries to us. Depending on the agreement we reach with the client, we can either act anonymously or at the forefront. Then, the agreed party (either you or us) will undertake client communication as the project requires.

For this arrangement, we provide you with a fixed fee or a commission-based fee, which you can pass to the client, keeping your profit margin in mind.

Referral / Affiliate service Model

This service model is available to any person or business who wants to promote our services or supply us with contacts. Where orders materialize, we pay a referral fee, which is a percentage of the total order amount.