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How We Work

Our Process:

As an offshore software development company, we apply strict processes with unrelenting efforts to improve them. Simplicity and efficiency are at the forefront of what we do, and this really pays off in terms of making your business run better.

WorldSystems employs the following methodology for mid-ranged contracts. However, for projects of a larger scope, we use integration methods to include the client's processes.

Quote request

Most offshore software development companies honor quote requests. However, here at WorldSystems, we have a two-option way to set client tasks. First, the request is made, then come the specifications.

When a client makes a request, a rough outline is made about what needs to be done to accomplish the task. A good example is a request for a more user-friendly website. Next a written document called a “spec” or “specification” is made that defines what the software needs to do for the task to be accomplished. We accept requests for quotes from your business in any form they are presented.

Understanding the work that to be done. The Quote.

We are an offshore software company that takes a two-pronged approach to the quote. Depending, of course, on the level of detailed difficulty involved, we either study the requirements or develop a top-notch requirements specification that stands alone. Our expertise as an offshore software development company enables us to use offshore software to meet whatever needs the client has. Finding out just what those needs are involves using a questionnaire to clarify the desired task. Our outsourcing software development team takes over from that point and creates a quote that details implementation. There is an approximate 15% accuracy rate. This is common practice among IT outsourcing software development companies. However, the next step for WorldSystems, is to define all the major milestones in the form of a project plan that the client can understand

The following documents are used:

  • Questionnaires
  • Response
  • Project Plan

Signing a Contract

Our Software development services require that clients sign a contract for the project that has been drafted, based on the quote according to the rules and regulations of our offshore software development company policy.

Detailed Specifications

At this point, a workflow model for our offshore services is developed.

The Questionnaires are delivered to client. A detailed project plan is developed by WorldSystems, and an agreement is reached with the client. A stage description of the project's internal construction of the modules is done. The project plan is implemented by means of being broken down into various stages according to the milestones. A request tracking system is put into place that captures client feedback. The document that contains the requirements is continually updated.

Contract costs may be affected by any change requests that transpire at this point in time.

Milestones for Implementation:

  • Customer feedback
  • Regression testing of the product to determine its quality
  • Customer last-minute feedback.
  • Pre-release system installed


Implementation of the tested product release