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Game Development

Game Development is a much more complex endeavor than simply creating a video game. Games are classified as one specific type of software that takes a specific skill set and specific knowledge to create. The perfect game development involves design and the individualized programming code should work in unison with added factors of mystery or excitement. Video game development must take into consideration that game players respond best to games that make them appear to be intelligent and strong. They love to explore and conquer.

Video game design and development works best when it embraces not only Android game development, but also Apple games and games for all other platforms. We create games that fully communicate with their users in ways that emulate being an actual sports player. Our game development programming delves into the minds of the game players and gives them the gaming experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Computer and video game development is a booming business. However, the games from WorldSystems stand out from those created by our competition. Our specialists are highly skilled and greatly talented. They can create addictive games that cater to even the most discerning tastes. We take computer game development seriously. Our game development strategy is cutting edge and encompasses the latest in IT game development software. We have all the game development essentials to create the very best choices for gamers of all ages and demographics.

Gaming software tools that are used by WorldSystems:

  • Multiple Mobile Platforms Iblackberry, iPod, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, WP7, iPhone, Symbian, and others
  • Game platforms PlayStation, Xbox and many other platforms
  • Various 3D Technologies for Mobile and PC platforms Design that is Object-Oriented Texturing: Basic, Bumpmapping, Multi-texturing, Volumetric Mipmapping, and otheres Lighting: Per-pixel, Lightmapping, Per-vertex, Volumetric, Lightmapping Shaders: Pixel, Vertex Scene Management: Portals,Occlusion Culling, LOD PVS, etc Animation: Animation Blending , Skeletal Animation, Facial Animation, Keyframe Animation, Morphing, Special Effects: Lens Flares, Environment Mapping, Particle System, Billboarding, Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Fire, Water, Sky, Decals, Explosion, Weather, Fog, Mirror Terrain: Splatting, CLOD, various other technologies.
  • PC platform A fwide array of propriatory Windows 3D core

Primary characteristics of a popular game:

Quality Design

Our developers use a set of technologies to be used specifically for each solution that a company would like to have developed. We utilize all of the elements that we know will make your game the most successful when marketed.

In addition, you can look through a huge collection of our previous work to get ideas and inspiration for the types of games you would like to see developed for your own business. We know the right technologies to use to get the best, most successful results.

Project organization

WorldSystems always places focus on richness of the details that are necessary to complete a project. It does not matter whether the project is of long-term or small scale. We are committed to avoiding the typical drawbacks that are related to misunderstandings, by documenting every project-related detail and process and to follow each of them with strident controls. This ensures smooth operation of each project and keeps our crew within the budget and time lines that have been agreed upon. We exert every effort to assure high quality and monitor every single aspect of the project.

This includes:

  • Development of prototypes
  • Game testing
  • Development of Beta & Alpha Versions