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Education services in Business Service Management (BSM) and user adoption

It is estimated that up to three out of every four IT and new business service management initiatives don’t provide adequate returns on the capital that was invested in them. It is also an accepted fact that poor user acceptance, or adoption, is the reason why so many projects fail. However, WorldSystems’s innovative special education services are here to help organizations reverse this trend.

Our special education programs and services are designed to improve user acceptance rates through a Solution Adoption Plan that sets out a comprehensive training, education and certification roadmap. Our programs raise user awareness by clearly defining any role changes, thereby, lowering the risk of new initiatives being rejected.

Our Solution Adoption program is a four-stage plan that:

  • Raises project awareness and alignment
  • Enables the project development team
  • Enables users
  • Measures and validates user acceptance progress.

The awareness phase communicates information about the project to the business to gain support for it at all levels.

Project team enablement is the phase where the project implications are reviewed and any process or technological changes identified. This phase also looks at the ongoing operational and administrative needs of the project.

In the user enablement stage, detailed job specifications are provided as a means of ensuring that the appropriate skills are in place to improve user acceptance.

Measuring and validating take place after the new initiative has been put in place. During this stage, targets are set and measured at scheduled intervals.

To kick-start your user acceptance program, you need to get in touch with the education consulting services of WorldSystems and have your organization’s needs assessed. We will present a tailored plan based on our proven framework to you and your colleagues for approval. This exercise usually takes less than a month to process.

What Certification do your Education services offer?

WorldSystems has created a unique user adoption framework to provide your business with added value. Our education consultants will describe our technical certification programs to you in detail but, in general terms, we set pre-defined skills targets in specific fields, such as your cloud computing solutions or your IT service management model, to help improve your competencies in these areas and achieve certification.


Through our Education services, WorldSystems provides technical certification at two levels:

  • The Certified Professional level. This value-added accreditation is based on a pre-defined set of out-of-the-box technical assessments.
  • On successfully completing the online test, the candidate can apply for the practical examination. On successfully completing this, they are awarded the status of Certified Professional.
  • The Certified Expert (will be available soon). This is a more rigorous test of the candidate’s system configuration and integration competencies. To qualify, candidates must have first obtained Certified Professional status. On completing the online assessment, candidates can apply for the practical test and, on successfully completing this; they will be awarded the status of Certified Expert.

Receipt of one or both of these certificates is proof that the candidate has the requisite knowledge and skills to successfully deploy prescribed WorldSystems technological solutions.

Are these certifications a worthwhile investment?

The certifications provided by our Education services will give you:

  • Expert knowledge of WorldSystems technologies.
  • The knowledge to implement complex solutions in your organization.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your skills are excellent and up-to-date.
  • The confidence to participate with peer groups within your industry.

How do I become certified with your Education services?

To become certified, you need to apply for the online test and pay for it. From there, you will be given access to learning materials and the online test. Once you pass the test, you can then apply for the practical examination, for which you will also need to pay. You can get more information on this by contacting our consulting services for education.

You can become a Partner by registering for WorldSystems’s educational program at our website or by contacting one of our education consultants. Once you have received your user ID and password, you can register for our certification programs.