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Dedicated IT Development Center

Through our DEDICATED IT DEVELOPMENT CENTER, WorldSystems is renowned in the marketplace for the quality of our IT development services. Our clients benefit from up to 60% savings on their IT budgets by outsourcing to our offshore dedicated center (ODC).

Our ODC is staffed by a dedicated development team whose services result in considerable savings for clients in terms of salary and remuneration, personnel processes, legal compliances, facility leasing, infrastructure, security and many other staff-related expenses. Effectively, our clients only use the scalable services they need in terms of people and technology with minimal risk.



  • Significant savings on application development costs.
  • No long-term capital investment.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Best IT practices applied.
  • Rapid ROI (return on investment).
  • Client maintains project control.
  • Option to hire a dedicated team or an individual.
  • Sophisticated technology and infrastructure.
  • The best talents available.
  • Attractive pricing.
  • Quicker development timeframes.


The chief benefit of outsourcing IT services to Russia is the cost-savings. This saves organizations from making a long-term investment in people and technology. The option to hire dedicated personnel from WorldSystems provides immediate access to the best talent at a fraction of the normal costs.

The chief benefits are:

  • By outsourcing to a dedicated IT development company, organizations can focus on their key business objectives and increase revenue while saving on IT costs.
  • No long-term people or technology investment needed and no technical headaches.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Rapid return on investment.
  • Client retains full project control.
  • Dedicated professionals to work on your development projects.
  • Sophisticated and sound IT technology and infrastructure with full technical and administrative support.
  • Best Russian IT talent available.
  • Flexible and attractive pricing.
  • Products released in quicker timeframes.


We apply the following six-stage process methodology to our service delivery:

  • Assemble a dedicated team.
  • Transfer of knowledge from onsite to offshore.
  • Define processes for offshore services.
  • Simulation of client environment at offshore location.
  • Begin work on the project according to the agreed plan.
  • Review the project and identify areas for correction before delivery to client.


A dedicated IT development center is a secure application development facility where clients can outsource their development projects, or their support and maintenance requirements, to. Modern ODC arrangements evolved from traditional project delivery methods into a means of providing the most cost-effective IT services to clients. It is currently estimated that clients can save up to 60% of their IT costs by adopting present-day ODC services.

The Services Offered by WorldSystems’s Offshore Dedicated Center

The services offered by WorldSystems are flexible and tailored according to each individual client’s requirements.

The following are our key offshore outsourcing services:

  • Human resources, training and general office management functions.
  • Procurement, office supplies and equipment.
  • IT system and infrastructure administration.
  • IT system and infrastructure support.
  • Service Desk function.
  • Employee remuneration and benefits packages.
  • Communications technology and infrastructure.
  • Finance and Accountancy services.

Our Cost-Efficiency Benefits

It is estimated that a cost savings of between 40% to 60% can be achieved by outsourcing IT services to an offshore provider, which is a significant figure for any organization.

The Process Experience of WorldSystems

WorldSystems’s offshore development center has achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification. Our software development processes are fully compliant with industry best practices. Some of the development methods used by WorldSystems include Agile, Microsoft Solutions Framework, RAD, RUP and XP. In the Russian marketplace, we are a leading solutions provider with over 200 employees. We provide services to both small businesses and several Fortune 500 companies with equal ease. Our helpful support team is available 24x7. WorldSystems collaborates with local colleges and universities to ensure we have access to the best talent. Many of our engineers are educated to Master’s degree level and our annual staff turnover is under 5%.

Our price structure ranges from $25.00 per hour to a weekly rate of $1,050.00. Prices vary according to the skill sets of our personnel, so the rates for software engineers differs from that of our project management personnel.

We offer different levels and types of services and these are based on the arrangements we make with our clients.

Generally, they include:

  • Dedicated individual or team;
  • Our ODC offers a joint venture arrangement where we share the risks with the client and track project performance throughout;
  • Our Build-Operate model is an arrangement where WorldSystems provides the infrastructure, personnel and dedicated development center for an agreed fee. The operation is then handed over to the client for a separately agreed fee.