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The next step after developing app business plan is to find someone who can build it. If you do not have a technical founder, you should not worry as there are a great number of application developers who will gladly help you with it. Therefore, you will have to hire someone who can help you to finish the project.

If you turn to any tech startup in New York, Washington, or California, they will tell you that hiring a full-time programmer is not an easy task. However, there is a solution as Eastern Europe proposes highly skilled and experienced programmers at affordable price who can work on contract basis.

You should not be afraid that application for your business is very expensive. We assure that it quite affordable, and we will gladly help you if you do not know where to start.

First of all, you should know that there are different kinds of applications that can be developed. All you need to do is to choose which app can be developed to make your business profitable. Therefore, our app development company can propose the following types of applications:

  • Basic table functionality – you can easily understand it as it is developed basing on a hierarchy: opening screen includes topics that are rather big ones. If you click one, a set of new lists will be opened and you can click on them as well. Of course, the easiest way is to design and build it as it is the best option for a business whose aim is to get a simple application that can display general information. Table based application can be used for iPhone application design.
  • Database driven functionality – It can be described with the help of the following example. Therefore, let us imagine that you have got a whole load of content and you need it to be utilized. It can be achieved beyond the basic table format. Such development is more complicated and can differ according to the way you want the data to be housed, i. e. whether it will be built into the application or into an online web services. It will be discussed below.
  • Games – It is very complex. For example, it can be a PONG type functionality or even a 3D physics engine. It is possible to score points and incorporate the experience of a user through the physical movement of the device.
  • Modification or Enhancement of the hardware or firmware of the device – In other words, one can make some functions of the phone, for example, the camera, alarm, flash, and improve them.
  • Fully dynamic applications – It is akin to the database driven applications. They rely on external information, for example, Weather Channel and Twitter.
  • Custom utilities - These applications help a user to input content in a certain way, i. e. Adobe Ideas, Pages, and Numbers.

The size of the content and the level of control you want to have over the process are the main factors that influence the type of application. The main thing is to understand that application can be received shortly and it can be cheap. The only condition is you should know exactly what type of application you need. What is more, you should hire a good web application developer, who can exceed all your expectations. Our app development company will gladly help as we always excel in finding the best solution for businesses.