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In order for business owners and managers to build new web tools, they must first know about web development techniques and technologies. The same holds true for web applications and websites, and for modifying existing websites. Those who are not proficient in the necessary web development practices to meet their online business needs can end up spending far more money than they bargained for. That is, unless they hire WorldSystems for PhpBB Customization.

PhpBB customization is the customization of an online forum package that is written in PHP script. Webmasters term it as a “flat forum bulletin board software solution.” PhpBB is touted by many industry experts as being one of the most outstanding, business-supportive tools online today.

Online forums are used as platforms for interaction between Internet users and as means with which to share data and information. Online businesses use them as direct links to their eCommerce websites to interact with their customers and clients. Custom PhpBB adjustments can give the forums the look and feel of any business, and help carry the business' message or philosophy to its client base.

PhpBB customization by the experts at WorldSystems is both efficient and effective. Our developers know how to customize the many various PhpBB mods to optimize any online business forum. As for skins PhpBB experts at WorldSystems can develop ones specifically to carry across any business image. A PhpBB forum designed by WorldSystems experts, has the potential to go viral and cause any eCommerce site to become internationally known. We have a wide array of PhpBB forum themes available. We can customize any PhpBB theme to be exactly what the business needs to be conveying its image and message, using PhpBB templates.

Correct and efficient PhpBB customization takes specialized skills, time and effort that some business owners do not have. This is why it is wise to hire the seasoned professionals at WorldSystems for the highest quality PhpBB customization available anywhere. We offer a much greater array of complementary features, efficiency and ease of use.

Customers who hire WorldSystems for their PhpBB customization can expect the following:

Our robust and agile development of PHPBB forums:

  • Utilize the latest versions of PHPBB for development and designing of professional forums
  • Custom-defined BBCode
  • Support for popular databases
  • Multiple levels of sub forums
  • Technical PHPBB support,
  • Error-free configuration of software and its modifications
  • Custom design of templates & skins
  • PHPBB Design integration

The developers, programmers and users can utilize PhpBB under the GNU general public license, as a means of interacting with potential customers and partner businesses on a global basis. PhpBB customization makes it easier to achieve this end.

WorldSystems provides a number of different services with regard to PhpBB, such as high quality forum development, custom design and creation of profile fields, customized BBCode and immeasurable support for all databases and sub forums.

Hiring competent developers is the best solution for many eCommerce business owners. We can optimize the use of technologies to customize the design and development of your online forum.

Our developers have the expertise to customize a PhpBB style effectively, because each understands that various parts that compose the design that comprises that particular style. Similar to the architectural structure of a house, PhpBB styles are built from smaller structural components that, when combined, work to create a frame. Similar to the house's walls, the frame provides a structure that is capable of displaying the contents of a given forum. Frames are not always simple to design and create. They can, in fact, be quite difficult, complex creations.

The three elements that comprise a PhpBB style are the theme, the template and the image. The template element consists of a series of text files that contain the markup used to create the visual layout of a forum. The markup is made up of a specific language such as HTML, combined with PhpBB's own unique template features. They can also contain other languages.

Let the expert developers at WorldSystems sort it all out for you and take the burden of PhpBB off your shoulders. Give us a call today.