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Perl Development

The Perl Development services we offer include web applications, efficiently-developed software and customized solutions amongst many others. Our software products are based on the commercial Perl development environment and a range of open source platforms. Our expert team make optimum use of the Perl development tools combined with industry best practices to deliver world-class services. You can learn more about our capabilities in the Perl web development tutorial available for download on our website. We are committed to delivering top quality in all our development projects with Perl being our key specialty. Our team of developers consists of consummate professionals and clients can hire them for specific projects at relatively low costs.

As a dynamic and multi-purpose platform, the Perl development IDE is a high-end programming language. It was initially created as a Unix programming language to speed up the scripting process. Since then, it has seen several modifications and changes to become the preferred platform of many programmers. It is a scripting language that is rich in features with many possibilities since it came into existence more than 20 years ago.

Since the beginnings of the Internet, developers have used Perl for web development, for CGI scripting and for Perl GUI development. It is amongst the most dynamic of scripting languages for creating websites and applications. Additionally, it is a crucial part of the commonly-used website development platform, LAMP. Some renowned Perl-based applications include Bugzilla, cPanel, Movable Type, RT, Slash and TWiki. And some well-known Perl web development projects include Amazon, BBC, Craiglist, IMDb, LiveJournal, Slashdot and Ticketmaster.

CGI::Application provides a reliable framework for undertaking web-style projects. CPAN is accompanied with several plug-ins, making many of the excellent Perl tools easily accessible to developers.

Our Perl development services cover a wide range of industry sectors such as BPO, Corporate, Finance, Gaming, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Real Estate. We offer our clients a range of reliable products based on Perl methodologies including Agile, Iterative and Waterfall and our communication services include email, Instant Messaging and live chat facilities. Our development team adhere to Perl process methodologies and they are fully familiar with all the recommended international coding standards. The solutions they deliver are created using project design and management toolkits, of which BugTracker, Dolibarr CRM/ERP, Feng Office, GanttProject, Launchpad, OpenProj, PHPGroupWare, Project-Open and Redmine are prime examples. They use versioning and source control tools such as Git, Mercurial, SourceSafe, SVN-Subversion and Visual Studio. Our experience of delivering sophisticated Perl-based solutions is vast and has provided us with a strong background of working with commercial API integration projects including Authorize.Net payment system, Barcode solutions, Barclays ePDQ payment system, Google Maps, Microsoft Azure, Orkut, Picasa, Travelocity, Youtube and several more.

Our specialist Perl Development team is comprised of experienced architects and developers who are conversant with third-party and open source platforms, libraries and component-building tools such as CGI::Application, CPAN, EmbPerl, Interchange, Jifty, Maypole, Perl Objective Environment (POE), Reaction, Template Toolkit and Rose::DB. Additionally, we offer services in customization, integration, deployment, installation and implementation over a range of open source and commercial products which includes Blosxom, Bricolage, MojoMojo, Movable Typle, Scoop, Slash, TWiki, WebGUI and more.


We offer services in Perl Development to match any specific requirements clients may have. Depending on these requirements, our experts will create all manner of cost-effective solutions from small to large applications. We make optimum use of the benefits of open source and commercial frameworks to develop and deliver high-quality, feature-rich applications cost-effectively and in a short timeframe.

Clients can rely on us to design and deliver a range of web-based Perl solutions such as advertising and banner platforms, audio visual aids, back-end administration tools, chat facilities, content management systems, credit card payment systems, e-shopping carts, e-newsletters, ERPs, feedback facilities, file management systems, integrated searching, product lists and catalogs, restricted access areas, visitor monitoring, whiteboards, web conferencing facilities and a comprehensive of business and project management utilities.

We have specialist knowledge and experience in e-commerce solutions, business web portals, corporate websites and social networking facilities. The development standards we apply are sophisticated and advanced, enabling us to deliver service-friendly architecture in contemporary designs.