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Outsourcing to Russia

Russia has recently become one of the leaders in the international software development market. Outsourcing to Russia provides businesses with considerable structural and technical advantages. The fact is that offshore outsourcing in Russia relies on advanced engineering architectures and outstanding quality of local labor. Russian outsourcing services are always top-quality and on time, since the country possesses abundant labor and talent resources and guarantees exclusive approaches to each and every customer. As of today, there are at least 3,000 available engineers per million of the country’s population, which means that Russia has virtually as many professional IT engineers as the U.S. However, Outsourcing to Russia is a more viable solution, given that the qualifications and skills of Russian IT professionals cross beyond simply programming. Not surprisingly, the leading international IT companies have already established their offices here. These companies include Dell, IBM, Google, and Motorola. Definitely, the list of successful multinational businesses operating on the Russian land will continue to increase.

IT outsourcing in Russia is one of the most valuable country’s assets. At present, more than 1 million educated and experienced IT workers are available to provide quality software engineering and web development services in Russia. Russia has more IT professionals than Japan and China. More and more people shift to working in the Russian R&D sector. Actually, the distinguishing feature of Russian outsourcing development is that it is scientifically-based. That is, the country invests labor and financial resources in the development of its scientific base. That is why, today, more people work in the Russian R&D that in any other country’s research and development sector, which creates better opportunities for providing top-class outsourcing to Russia.

Russia emphasizes the importance of education and practical skills, and the number of highly educated professionals in Russia is much higher than in other developed countries. Today’s Russia takes pride in having one of the largest pools of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers per million of the national population. Each and every Russian outsourcing company relies on the scientific achievements made by the nationally recognized scientists. Added to this is the presence of an outstanding technology infrastructure, which is constantly expanded and updated. Outsourcing to Russia means getting the latest technologies to work for the benefits of international business.

Outsourcing to Russia is both prospective and promising, bearing in mind that the country exhibits one of the best and most relevant economic growth trends in the world. In the global IT outsourcing market, Russia has a number of strategic competitive advantages. With its R&D personnel, its technologies and economic resources, Russia has everything necessary to make profitable long-term contracts with businesses working around the world. The domestic IT outsourcing sector is getting mature, while almost three hundred of Russian-based companies have already achieved considerable successes in the international offshore software development sector. Russia has better capabilities to withstand the emerging global business risks compared to other countries, starting from its strong commitment to high-quality solution to the unprecedented dedication to the development of customer-exclusive systems. Outsourcing to Russia can help foreign businesses deal with numerous legislative and political challenges, both domestically and internationally. The Russian authorities welcome the development of the IT outsourcing industry.