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IT Development in Russia

IT Development in Russia does not have any long history, but what Russia was able to achieve in the past 10 years no other state had ever been able to achieve in such a short period of time. The current state of IT development in Russia has many benefits and strong sides, which allow businesses to use its services to advance themselves in the global market. IT Development in Russia displays a remarkable and steady increase in the number of international and domestic users, as well as the growing amount of revenues coming to Russia from the foreign clients. Below is a brief description of the main benefits of using Russian IT development services, which can help businesses make the most appropriate web development choice.

First and foremost, the development of IT in Russia enjoys the benefits of the well-developed education and talent system. Russia has historically been attentive to the quality of educational services provided to Russian citizens. As a result, the country maintains an ideal balance of the quality and quantity of labor resources. Even if China and India have more programmers available for outsourced projects, it is Russia that has more qualified, educated, and experienced web development staff. Another reason why IT Development in Russia has been so productive and cost-effective is because the entire system of education had always promoted the significance of scientific subjects, including mathematics and fundamental sciences. Consequently, Russian web developers and designers have a strong base to develop their skills and pursue excellence in the provision of quality services and systems.

Second, the development of IT industry in Russia is research-oriented: no other country or industry invests so many resources in its R&D centers as IT Development in Russia. The first R&D centers in Russia were opened by multinational companies and, since then, have become an inseparable ingredient of IT Development in Russia. Despite the most recent successes in its research and development, Russia is not going to give up its ambitions. It is likely that these R&D trends will continue into the future, providing a solid basis for the subsequent evolution of the entire IT industry.

Third, the Russian market for IT is characterized by the growing number of independent software vendors, which greatly contribute to the expansion of IT Development in Russia. These vendors possess vast creative and innovative resources that enable them to create and implement their own IT, software products, and web applications. Although it is still difficult to estimate the amount of profits and revenues earned by independent vendors in Russia, they have already created healthy market competition and diversified the outsourcing and offshore business opportunities available to companies around the world.

Finally, the process of IT development in Russia is accompanied by the emergence of the so-called IT development hubs (cities), which are united by the network of infrastructure and communication facilities. The country has many things to offer to any business that looks for quality IT support in Russia. Most probably, Russia will manage to sustain its leading position in IT outsourcing in the coming years.