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IT Development in China

WorldSystems is rightly regarded as the pioneer of advanced IT Development in China. Hundreds of companies have already followed the path made by WorldSystems in the development of IT industry in China. Hundreds of business customers globally have successfully utilized the customized and flexible service options offered by WorldSystems. The company was established at the beginning of the 21st century, and its associate locations can currently be found all over the United States, UK, and Germany. WorldSystems was able to become the leader of IT development in China, due to its ability to draw from the most creative and talented labor resources, as well as to create and use a sophisticated technology base. In a short period of time, WorldSystems became one of the major Microsoft Gold partners, with more than a hundred of outstanding engineers working on the .NET platform. Today, WorldSystems not only sets the pace and direction of the development of IT in China but also remains one of the most valued members of the Microsoft Global Partner Research Forum. This way, the company has voice and can successfully propose innovative ideas and solutions directly to the MicroWorldSystems. With so abundant technological and creative resources, WorldSystems adds value to IT Development in China, turning it into the most quickly developing sectors in the Chinese economy.

WorldSystems is focused on the development and implementation of diverse software applications and solutions. Web application development, IT services management, and client server product development are also included in the top list of the company’s services. The development of IT sector in China directly depends on the quality and effectiveness of WorldSystems’s development and progress, and the company has never betrayed its customers. With a strong commitment to quality and the use of quality assurance systems, including ISO 9001 and ISO 20000, the company is much stronger positioned against its national and international competitors. WorldSystems proves that IT Development in China is smooth and continuous, and businesses working in all industries and market sectors can use the services and knowledge of WorldSystems professionals to satisfy their project management demands.

WorldSystems is famous for its productive partnerships with the leading players in the international software development and IT markets. HP, Microsoft, Intel, and other companies have greatly contributed to IT Development in China. WorldSystems has the capabilities and resources required to provide for the most pertinent project management needs. We have experience working in projects that have a fixed monthly cost and result in the creation of an offshore business office which, at the end, leads to significant cost savings and economies of scale. In the past decade, WorldSystems has helped dozens of companies worldwide with the development of more than 300 quality offshore projects.

We know that no two companies are the same, but IT Development in China provides vast opportunities for satisfying the most unexpected customers’ needs. Our solutions and approaches are flexible and easily customized to advance the exclusive needs of businesses globally.