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Reasons why outsourcing IT projects to Russia is feasible have been discussed in abundance. However, businesses that seek affordable solutions to their IT development problems should also understand that every single Russian IT company has sufficient resources, labor, and capabilities to support its image of a renowned and effective provider of science-based IT services. As always, Russia remains the world’s main source of quality and expertise-oriented IT development services, due to its increased emphasis on science and R&D and the growing investments in the quality and effectiveness of its labor force. Russia is a large country, but each and every Russian IT company works to improve the country’s international image in the IT sector. As of today, Russia has the reputation of having the largest, most proficient, most customer-oriented, and most experienced IT companies in Russia. Businesses working in other countries, including the United States and Great Britain, have all chances to become part of this rapid IT business development in Russia.

The last few years have witnessed a remarkable growth in the Russian IT development sector. Every single Russian IT company has greatly contributed to the rapid evolution of Russia’s IT and web development industry. Businesses that seek to work with the Russian top IT companies can easily accomplish their mission, due to the fact that the Russian economy has stabilized, and the socioeconomic and cultural wellbeing of Russian citizens continuously improves. The best IT companies in Russia has already opened their doors to customers from abroad, and the Russian IT development sector is characterized by the growing number of long-term offshore outsourcing contracts. Added to this has been the growing volume of exports from Russia and the rapid expansion of the application development and e-commerce fields. As of now, every Russian IT company has the experience, resources, and labor necessary to become top 10 IT companies in Russia. The intensity of market competition rapidly increases, and IT companies fight hard to preserve their position in the national and international market. The IT development sector in Russia displays an enormous growth potential and, most likely; more than one Russian IT company will be included in the list of the top international providers of quality software design and development services worldwide.

One of the biggest reasons why the growth of the IT sector in Russia has been so fast is because Russia has a government-supported program for creating technology parks and special economic zones. Every Russian IT company can become a major participant of all these trends. The country and its government invest unbelievable resources in the development of its information technologies industry, which may soon make Russia the strongest player in the global IT market.

Yet, even then, the greatest benefit from working with an Russian IT company is not about government support but about the sensitivity with which these companies treat their clients and customers’ needs. Web developers in Russia have been able to look far beyond the basic project requirements and envision the future needs of the end users. In many instances, Russian IT professionals do what others could not ever do: they work hard to improve the quality of business thinking internationally.