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Utilities Software for the 21st Century

Demand, security, and regulatory mandates present complicated challenges for operations efficiency of utilities companies. With smart grid enhancements, utilities suppliers must prioritize processes and activities in serving their customers; enterprises in the energy business production must efficiently produce and distribute their products; utilities suppliers must ensure they can provide energy consistently, reliably, securely, safely, and at the lowest cost possible; consumers must regulate their own use in order to save money and contribute to a cleaner environment. The role of utilities software cannot be overestimated as suppliers, distributors and consumers work within an environment of regulation, finite budgets, and shifts in technology.

Challenges for the Utilities Company

Utilities Software for the producer must provide supply and demand data, network security, integration of systems, and a commitment to consumers; these are in addition to design and development frameworks, accommodating production fluctuations, and continual monitoring for safety and security. The importance of accurate reporting of events and compliance means appropriate hygiene software to generate required reports in the variety of formats that may be required. Utilities software must ensure that pricing and billing is structured in a way that meets the guidelines of the local, state, and federal governments, insuring that retrieval, storage, and disposal methods are compliant with environmental and safety regulations.

Challenges for the Electric Utility Distributor

Utilities Software for the distributor must address several areas. Like the supplier, distributors must be concerned with reliability of delivery, safety, and regulations, which can affect the establishment of utilities cost levels. The need to install, maintain, and monitor meters, sub-stations, power lines, and other objects often requires coordination and cooperation with the local governments; the work for establishing a new utilities connection, for example, is a complex task that can be simplified by the right utilities software package.

Challenges for the Consumer

Consumers demand efficiency, reliability and low cost. As well, they want their utilities company to design new technologies for smart grids and for alternative energy sources. Environmental concerns can also be addressed by monthly or quarterly reports to consumers detailing energy usage and making suggestions for lower energy usage. Effective utilities software will generate these reports. New and exciting developments on the consumer side are the availability of mobile apps that allow customers to moderate thermostats, and lighting remotely, apps that are supplied through the utilities software from the distributor.

Alternative energy sources are the future. Providing support to companies that are seeking renewable energy solutions is an important role for utilities software consulting firms. Integrating the use of wind and solar power into traditional sources means that utility companies are developing these new sources as they retire aged ones. Such logistics challenges can create problems, but the right utilities software can mitigate such problems.

WorldSystems has developed utilities software that is designed to simplify the production, delivery, storage, and use of utilities. We provide this transforming customized software at competitive prices and bring business value.