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Resources Industry Software for the 21st Century

No industry is more transformational than that of natural and industrial resources. With both finite supplies and ever-increasing increasing demand, those involved in the production and delivery of resources must work as “smartly” as possible, and this necessarily involves resources industry software that allows a resources industry to realize business value and to engage in exploration of new products and delivery models.


  • New markets and products, as well as mergers and acquisitions, mean technological integration and the creation of environmentally conscious solutions to resources production and delivery
  • Restructuring, demographic changes, evolving governmental and environmental regulations, and supply chain challenges impact business value
  • Ever-changing costs of energy impact production cost and must be balanced against affordability and market demand, especially in emerging markets
  • Branding and service to consumers requires utilization of web-based marketing and communication venues.

Agricultural and forestry resources impact everyone, and the importance of managing production and distribution are critical. IT solutions must manipulate data to predict harvests, and recommend planting practices, along with pricing and cost-effective transport. Planting, harvesting, and time-sensitive transport and distribution impact consumer satisfaction and producer profit maximization. The agricultural resources industry in particular faces the need to prevent deterioration of product, and software solutions for these needs provide effective management. All agricultural and forestry resources industry software from WorldSystems is designed by those from these industries in collaboration with IT experts, to produce contemporary management solutions that are scalable for future needs.

Mining industry management faces unique challenges. Supply and distribution are certainly important facets; however, safety and security, as well as environmental impacts, must be managed, monitored, and reported. WorldSystems resources industry software specific to these industries provides perfect options for safety, environmental and compliance monitoring and reporting.

Environment and natural resources management goals require balances that can in part be achieved through appropriate resources industry software from WorldSystems. With increasing levels of government regulations and demands of QEHS, all compliance factors must be regularly documented and reported. Our software simplifies methods by which data is collected and produces automated reports in required formats. Resources and environment need not always be at odds, and WorldSystems software can assist in reducing these often conflicting goals and needs.

Environmental resources (wind, water, and sun) are energy’s future, given the depletion of nonrenewable energy sources and growing global demands. This new technology requires management and monitoring software; distribution of wind, solar, and water energy to grids for consumption requires sophisticated software solutions that allow producers, distributors and retailers to manage supply, cost, safety, and customer service. Software packages from WorldSystems are industry specific and, as well, allow for customization for unique supply chain factors.