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Publishing Services Software for the 21st Century Enterprise

Transformation is the name of the game for enterprises engaged in publishing and for businesses that must rely on contemporary publishing of data, content, and information. What was once printed on paper and bound into manuals and books is now digitally produced and delivered through publishing software on PC’s, laptops, and, most recently and increasingly popular, handheld and mobile devices.

Those companies engaged in media and media-related enterprises must, by their very nature, rely on publishing services software that delivers effectively and instantly to direct consumers and to other businesses that utilize their services. Both desktop publishing software programs and web publishing software from WorldSystems allows such media and publishing concerns to remain at the top of their business domains and to operate in a cost-effective and profitable manner in an increasingly competitive venue.

The publishing needs of companies rely on internal and external user communities, and publishing for both of these needs can become complex and expensive. Far more cost-effective and user-friendly publishing software solutions will streamline the flow of information and data, and the publishing services software designed and developed by WorldSystems publishing experts can achieve the goals and needs of any enterprise, to include:

  • Desktop publishing software programs for in-house newsletters, manuals, and social media needs
  • Web publishing software that is imbedded into or linked on websites, as well as apps for mobile devices.
  • E-publishing software to inform and engage email and news groups.
  • The best publishing software for printed publications to interface with peripheral devices
  • Publishing software programs that specialize in both electronic and paper-based output.
  • Social networking frameworks and platforms to empower employees, vendors, and customers
  • Publishing software programs and apps to meet the exploding demand of consumers to have content available via any device and channel. Media neutrality is not an option.

Software publishing is complex and must be intuitive enough to accommodate users who may not be tech-savvy as well as those who demand the highest quality possible. As well, it must be developed by forward-looking and creative innovators who not only provide solutions for today but continually work toward future needs and demands. WorldSystems understands this, designing publishing services software that can be universally utilized, is scalable, and continually looking toward the future as it experts design and test new solutions.

Satisfaction of our clients is our goal. We look forward to providing a free consultation and developing a proposal to transform the publishing activities of your organization.