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Industrial Software for 21st Century Manufacturers

Modern technology has transformed the manufacturing industry. Thanks to technological advancements such as robotics and precision machining, the potential for human error has been reduced more now than at any time in the past. Challenges for industrial manufacturers now appear to be in the area of business intelligence, bring products to market at the best cost, and acquiring the most optimal talent and industrial software solutions to support growth and competitiveness. The industrial software development professionals at WorldSystems understand all aspects of the manufacturing process, and use their skills to develop and customize industrial software for our customers.

Industrial Software must improve manufacturing businesses in the following ways:

  • Industrial engineering software allows for equipment and process development that maximize facility, tool, and equipment utilization, placing a manufacturing enterprise in the most favorable position with respect to its competition.
  • Industrial design software allows sleek designs, ergonomics, product safety and branding that give unique advantages and cost effectiveness to an enterprise. Bridging the gap between engineers and sales and marketing staff is critical to overall success, through modern and intuitive interfaces.
  • Logistics and supply software must encompass an increasingly complex supply chain, given the global nature and outsourcing of resource acquisition. The right industrial distribution software provides up-to-the-minute data, so that intelligent business decisions may occur rapidly.
  • Safety, security and event management requires industrial hygiene software that provides efficient reporting and event mitigation; industrial safety software must provide processes and procedures to decrease injury and disaster potentials and deliver compliance reporting in ways required by regulatory agencies.

In all ways, industrial software must, above all, provide for simplification and standardization of business systems, through appropriate and effective technological support. Modern manufacturing facilities both deserve and depend on industrial software that can keep up with the continuing advances and new challenges faced in industry today. This includes the globalization, the demand for environmental responsibility, and the ability to adapt and create new technologies. The software developers at the WorldSystems team collaborate with the leaders in industrial manufacturing to create applications that are currently relevant and are ready to move into the future.