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Healthcare Software for the 21st Century

The rising costs of healthcare, the inefficiency of old paper-driven systems, and the new healthcare law should be enough incentive for the industry to commit to improving care, cutting overhead costs, and promoting preventive care, in order to benefit itself and the patients it serves. The solutions for these issues lie in exceptional healthcare software that can cut costs, track patient care, and provide continuity for all providers and recipients of healthcare in an increasing regulatory and reform environment.

Every organization involved in the health care industry benefits from the most updated and sophisticated healthcare software that can be designed. Custom healthcare software development, indeed, allows enterprises to capture the newest technologies that bring intelligence, communication and collaboration and result in cost-containment, patient-centered activities, and preventive services.

Health Insurance Companies

Healthcare business intelligence software streamlines all operations of provided services, to include processes by which claims are received, processed, and resolved successfully. The ability to track claims from doctors, hospitals and individual consumers and to integrate and cross-reference are critical and require extremely sophisticated software development. WorldSystems has developed software solutions for major insurance carriers all over the English-speaking world, with its healthcare policy management software and its healthcare contract management software that provides streamlined and user-friendly methods of relationship development with contracted businesses and individuals.

Direct Healthcare Providers

Physicians and hospitals require healthcare software that provides complete and integrated methods of patient care and monitoring to provide exceptional services to people, avoiding unnecessary and redundant medical procedures, maintaining the most cost-effective services, and, at the same time, process claims and billing. Physician office care, hospital care, laboratory tests and results must be tracked and accessible to all providers. A comprehensive healthcare dashboard software system from WorldSystems provides for this coordination and integration, so that everyone communicates securely, accurately, and rapidly. An additional important factor in our healthcare software relates to healthcare call center software that has become a cost-effective implementation for health care providers.

Regulations and Mandates

New laws and mandates, specifically HIPAA 5010, ICD-10 and other legal requirements for healthcare providers mean that software enhancements must be implemented in order to provide the necessary data and reporting systems to governmental agencies. The healthcare software engineers at WorldSystems continue to engage in training and development in constantly changing law, so that they may provide the software applications that will allow providers to generate these reports and data correctly and with minimal staff effort.

Use of Social Media is a cost-saving and reliable means of promoting wellness, prevention, and early detection among healthcare consumers. Software apps that promote these agendas improve health and healthcare enterprise reputation.

Healthcare software companies in USA provide generic software solutions that insurance companies and direct providers can use. Generic, however, is not optimal. When healthcare professionals turn to WorldSystems, they are able to meet their unique goals and needs in much more cost-effective manners.

Healthcare organizations and providers should contact WorldSystems for a free consultation and proposal. We know that we can provide the best solutions and the best price for all healthcare software needs.