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Education in the 21st Century - Education Software is the Solution

Education software has now moved to an entirely new level. Education software programs are no longer primarily delivered by loading discs into a computer. They are now web-based, designed and developed by programming experts who can use the latest technology to deliver the most motivational and exciting instruction, as well as provide for monitoring progress and delivering evaluative feedback to both students and teachers.

Who Uses this New Education Learning Software?

There is a huge market for Education software today, for the following purposes:

  • Virtual Colleges and Universities: Institutions of higher learning are rapidly moving into virtual worlds, because students are increasingly mobile and because there are now global consumers. Entire course programs must be developed and delivered online, in multiple languages, and provide ultimate usability for all students. Universities with the top-rate software solutions to deliver programming are those that will flourish.
  • Both public and private schools have become ardent fans of good education software. Students are very comfortable in front of computers and many of them actually prefer to learn this way. As well, the new school education software presents content and skills in several different ways and allows students to interact in their learning environment. While this education software for children will never fully replace a teacher, it can, nevertheless, reduce the burden of the teacher in the classroom. The ability of this online education software to monitor and record student mastery, moreover, allows teachers to present an honest picture of each student’s progress to administrators and parents.
  • Business enterprises use web-based education training software for both new and current employees. There is a huge cost savings when training consultants do not have to be brought in to one’s facility, and when multiple individuals can be trained collectively via an education software download.
  • Accountability in education requires technological solutions to track progress and inform mastery, and compliance requirements will drive software solutions.

Education software is a rapidly growing industry, and WorldSystems has moved into this area of software development with team members that have both educational and programming backgrounds. Whether you are an individual educator with dynamic ideas for learning programs, a university that wishes to develop web-based software in any content area, or an educational publisher looking for alternatives to texts and workbooks, we have experts in all content fields ready to develop state-of-the-art education software for you. If you are a business leader who understands the efficacy of online training programs, bring us your need, and we will design education training software that exceeds your expectations. Imbedded within the WorldSystems solutions are methods to track mastery and the soundness of offered programs, in order to satisfy regulatory and accrediting associations.