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Building a 21st Century Consumer Packaged Goods Organization

A consumer packaged goods definition encompasses almost every consumer good, and as a whole, the consumer packaged goods industry is, by far, the largest industry in the world. As population growth continues to explode, and as more and more people enter the global middle class, the demand for consumer packaged goods will explode as well. As demand grows, so does a business and competition become stiffer. It is critical, then, that to remain an industry leader, an owner must learn to work “smarter,” not “harder,” and that means state-of-the-art software that manages all functions of the consumer packaged goods company and moves into emerging markets effectively. If any facet of the business is not fully efficient, it will drag the entire organization down, and consumer loyalty will deflate as well.

All facets of company management must work together to bring a product from design to the ultimate consumer. Having the perfect software solution for each piece of the operation is the difference between consumer packaged goods companies that are industry leaders and those that stagnate. Such software must analyze consumer trends, ensuring that these trends are integrated into the software designs in order to impact production and supply chains, and continually monitor and adjust pricing.

Reaching consumers in targeted ways that honor every demographic throughout the world is one of the greatest challenges of the CPG enterprise. Intelligent technology and innovative channels of communication will retain current markets and open new ones.

WorldSystems has been working with consumer packaged goods firms for years. As the industry has evolved so has our software development expertise, and we are proud to state that we have tied all of our software development work to the latest consumer packaged goods trends and to customization for each client.

Customized WorldSystems consumer packaged goods software solutions address every facet of the production-to-purchase chain and drive CPG enterprises into the future of globalization.

Our consumer packaged goods association has been a long one – almost twenty years - and we have designed and developed software for operations with a single facility, for those with several facilities throughout a country and, most recently for those that have a global presence. If expansion is a goal, our software is built to evolve as the company does. We are happy to share with any potential client a list of consumer packaged goods companies with which we have worked.

Our process is structured, beginning with a free consultation and report that summarizes your goals, an outline of our proposal, general pricing and timeline. Once we begin, we will provide periodic prototypes for you to test and approve. The final demonstration and training, along with migration from your other systems is not the end. We continue with every client for follow-up support and debugging, until that client is perfectly satisfied. Consumer packaged goods software is complex, because the business is, and WorldSystems fully understands each and every nuance.