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Worldsystem high perfomance software development

Hire Offshore Developers

When you hire offshore developers from WorldSystems, you are sure to get the benefit of highly-skilled personnel with certification in various technologies and methodologies. We operate during the same business hours as our clients. We can help you make considerable savings whether you just want a single resource or an entire team of offshore developers to support your ongoing projects in any area of growth, which may be the development of new products, system improvement, maintenance or Research and Development (R&D).

Hire Offshore Developers: Flexible Hiring Models

The professional team at our sophisticated ODC (Offshore Development Center) are not miracle-workers, but their expertise does bring numerous benefits to our clients. When you hire an offshore software development team, you gain full control over your project to ensure the highest quality work in the shortest timeframes. Owing to the flexibility of our hiring models, clients can implement seamless 24x7 shift working.

For medium-sized projects, our Offshore Dedicated or Developers Team (ODT) hiring model has proved to be a successful means of outsourcing. In the modern world of constantly-changing business requirements, it is almost impossible to forecast what processes and IT systems an organization may need to support its core operations. Often, it is not practical to trust in conventional software development lifecycle methods, which generally means analyzing requirements, planning the project, developing the product, testing the product and putting it through the documentation and quality control routine. To address this, WorldSystems has devised a proven and flexible method where businesses can hire dedicated offshore software developers to complete the various project components such as the development, testing, maintenance, documentation and QA. Our ODT is a cohesive and integrated unit of technical professionals who are available on a fixed monthly-fee basis. Additionally, our sophisticated technical facilities are available to clients as required.

Hire Offshore Developers from our State-of-the-art ODC

Essentially, when you hire offshore PHP developers, they become an extended part of your own in-house team. Our facility is dedicated to the provision of quality services, so we can offer the best and most flexible resources and the highest skilled personnel to ensure you get your products onto the market quickly with full IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) protection. Our services are cost-effective, especially if you require long-term support and we even put client-specific frameworks in place where selected personnel are specially trained so they are conversant with your particular requirements.

This method ensures our team’s work is transparent and provides you with full control over the people, the processes and the technology. Essentially, this model provides better quality and higher all-round efficiently at a cost that is affordable.

Undoubtedly our ODT is an optimum solution if you require long-term offshore development services for new projects or support and maintenance for existing systems. It is exactly like an extended in-house team.

Hire Offshore Developers – Main ODT Benefits

  • An estimated saving of between 40% and 60% compared to in-house or traditional outsourcing models;
  • No hidden fees or no overheads with fixed monthly cost model;
  • Complete Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection;
  • Full control over personnel and project;
  • High ROI with limited risk.

The Infrastructure We Provide:

  • Dual processing machines for core processes;
  • Minimum of 2 GB RAM;
  • Internet connectivity through leased line with in-build redundancy;
  • Linux development server;
  • Secure data backup system with offshore outsourcing;
  • System administration and network maintenance, free-of-charge;
  • Linux server available remotely for acceptance testing;
  • SVN coding;
  • Robust backup procedures and anti-virus protection;
  • Constant communication channels between client and developers.