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Hire Managed Developers

There is an excellent option for small, start-up, and medium sized businesses, who do not have the inclination or resources to set up their own facility, to avail of a high-quality and technically-skilled talent pool at very reasonable costs. At WorldSystems, we address this problem by offering an excellent offshore service known as BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) where clients can Hire Managed Developers at a low cost and with limited risk.

This option to hire developers is available with no start-up costs or long-term obligation and the client can select and accommodate their own team at our facility when they hire developers.

If you choose to hire managed developers, this is how the service works. In the build stage, WorldSystems will hire PHP developers or, indeed, hire .net developers according to your technical and person specification and in line with your project criteria and suggestions. And, on this basis, the clients have total flexibility in choosing their own team without committing themselves long-term or without much initial financial outlay.

Our model differs from the conventional own-subsidiary one; when clients hire web developers according to the BOT model, they can actually have a business up and running in less than six weeks. Furthermore, it will be an entirely scalable operation.

When this first stage of the hire managed developers process is complete, WorldSystems will put the per-seat technology and support infrastructure in place at our offshore development centre in India. From there, the app developers for hire that you have recently selected can avail of the following services:

  • Space in a modern office facility;
  • Well-equipped premises and full data security;
  • Sophisticated communication systems to accommodate internet access, international dialling, fax facilities and so on;
  • Online facility to monitor and track time for your team;
  • Management and administration services for Finance, HR, Payroll and IT functions;
  • Travel services covering tickets, visas and all other aspects.

When your businesses reaches its peak and you have gained enough confidence to source your own developers for hire and set up your own offshore business in India, WorldSystems can still help you put the most appropriate infrastructure in place and move your personnel onto your own payroll system. The following is a list of the services we provide during the transitional phase. Some of these are provided by our business partners, who have expertise in their respective fields:

  • Setting up an enterprise in India;
  • Assistance in locating and negotiating leases for office premises;
  • Providing a full range of HR services including technical staff recruitment and locating the best web developers for hire locally;
  • Hiring employment and legal consultants.

To learn more about our hire managed developers services, please, contact us via the enquiry form or email address provided on our website. We are confident that, once your new enterprise is established in India, you will be delighted with the results and with the expert and professional services of WorldSystems.