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We have a team of professional Java developers whose services are available to help clients build customized websites and website applications. The Java developer’s toolkit has a reputation for being an exceptionally high-powered programming language and, as such, it is commonly used for creating online and offline business solutions. And, given that all enterprises need to become more competitive by the day, business leaders need to use the most sophisticated programming and website development methods to stay ahead.

There are many advantages to be gained by clients who hire Java developers, such as:

  • The Java development Kit is equally suitable for creating server and client applications;
  • Java does not depend on any specific platform;
  • Using the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), applications can be developed to run across any chosen platform when created on the client-side computer;
  • The Eclipse IDE for Java developers offers a wide and rich array of libraries, which ensures that applications are robust and reliable.

When clients hire Java developers from us, they can expect them to produce a wide range of Java applications such as content management systems and applications for web use, for desktop use and for mobile use. Each member of our team is expert developer of Java and is fully conversant with the requirements of creating applications to fit offshore IT service delivery methods.

  • Excellent English communicators, both written and verbally;
  • Applications optimized for multi-browser compatibility;
  • Extremely helpful personnel;
  • Highly proficient in project management methodologies as well as the Eclipse for Java developers;
  • Excellent at providing progress and other relevant reports;
  • Full understanding of logical coding;
  • Capable of securely integrating web and desktop applications with existing or third-party systems;
  • Capable of creating customized, Java-enabled applications and video-based games for mobile use;
  • Able to make optimum use of all aspects of the Java developer’s toolkit;
  • Experts in providing customized Java solutions;
  • Proficient in using other Java versions, such as J2ME and J2EE, to create web-based solutions;
  • Conversant with all aspects of website development including requirement analysis, design preparation, code development, code maintenance, product testing, product implementation and post-implementation support and maintenance;
  • Entirely appropriate work methods applied;
  • Over five years of relevant experience;
  • No maintenance costs;
  • Zero startup costs;
  • Customer support offered on a 24x7 basis;
  • Clients retains right to resell to third parties;
  • Client retains full project monitoring control;
  • Developers are 100% dedicated to client projects;
  • Client retains ownership of source code;
  • Constant communication channels available via phone, email or live chat;
  • Full confidentiality applied to project data and personal information;
  • Transparent pricing with no obscure or hidden costs;
  • Projects completed punctually when clients hire Java Developers;
  • Regular progress and project status reports provided, e.g. by the day, week, month or as required.

When clients hire Java Developers from us, our highest priority is to ensure they are fully satisfied with the result. Feel free to contact us for more information and a quotation or you can learn more for yourself by referring to the Java development kit download on our website.