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Hire Developer: An Overview

Hire a developer dedicated solely to your specific project. Take control of your own team and enjoy the cost benefits of offshore outsourcing.

For some years now, personal users and business owners have understood the many advantages of offshore outsourcing. The decision to hire a developer reduces the costs of IT development multifold in comparison to the overheads associated with recruiting your own full-time personnel. Additionally, the global abundance of highly-skilled technical resources ensures that projects can be successfully delivered without any unnecessary staff costs.

Clients can choose from WorldSystems’s professional team of highly-qualified and extensively experienced programmers and developers. We offer you all the benefits of developer hire services from one single service point. When you choose to use our hire developer services, we will explain how to hire a developer and assign dedicated resources to your exact specification. You will assume full control for the team and their work as though they were your own in-house personnel, while we ensure your project is delivered seamlessly.

We appreciate that all requirements differ, so we offer flexible and tailored hiring options.

Clients can save over 50% in hiring a developer rather than recruit their own in-house resources.


Hire Developer: The Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Resources Through WorldSystems:

Dedicated resources working solely on your projects:

Choosing the developer for hire option from WorldSystems guarantees that dedicated resources will work solely for you from our ODC (Offshore Development Center), which is located in India, and save you significant recruitment costs such as salaries, training and benefits.

Hire Developer - select your own resources:

Our team is an excellent combination of knowledge and experience. For example, you can hire a PHP developer or someone who has expertise in ASP, Java .Net or graphics design or who is knowledgeable in developing applications for web or mobile use.

Hire Developer and save on initial start-up costs, ongoing maintenance contracts and even taxes.

Take advantage of our PHP developer hire services and benefit from low monthly rates with no extra or hidden charges.

Hire Developer and benefit from 24x7 support:

We operate a rotational shift system to cater for a global clientele so, regardless of your location; we are at your service.

Continuous communication:

You can remain in constant contact with your team by phone, messaging service or email.

Reliability and trust:

WorldSystems places more emphasis on ethical behaviour and trust than commercialism. We value our clients and always strive to ensure their satisfaction.

Customer-focused services:

When clients choose a PHP developer for hire from WorldSystems, they manage and control the entire project themselves. Our hiring model is simple in that you just hire specific resources for an agreed amount of time and not necessarily for the project duration.

You control project schedules, deadlines and completion timeframes as though your team were working on your site and not from our India-based ODC, although we do apply rudimentary supervision in terms of working hours, attendance and so on. You can ask for replacement resources if you are dissatisfied.

Ownership of source code:

All final source code rights are transferred to client.

Reselling rights:

Clients retain the right to resell code to other parties.

Working hours:

When clients hire PHP developer, they work 8 weekday hours from Monday to Friday.

Holiday Entitlements:

Weekends – Saturday and Sunday as well as religious and national holidays in India.

Our developers offer:

  • Professional qualifications and extensive experience;
  • A 5-day working week at 8 hours/day;
  • Conducive operating environment;
  • Constant communication via email, telephone, instant messenger or video link.
  • Frequent progress reporting to an agreed schedule;
  • Simple coding standards;
  • Sophisticated IT infrastructure;
  • High-speed, high bandwidth connectivity via leased line and broadband.