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Worldsystem high perfomance software development

Why WorldSystems?

Our specialized industry knowledge is our key asset and it is why our software company can help clients save time, effort, money and headaches.

  • Our software company reduces both the risk and time it takes to get products onto the market by combining the expertise of our offshore developers with our specialist industry knowledge.
  • Numerous market-leading enterprises ask WorldSystems to provide cutting-edge business and mobile applications.
  • Amongst the many software company names in the marketplace, WorldSystems’s unshakeable record, supported by unrivalled experience, successfully delivers numerous projects across many industries.
  • At WorldSystems, we invest in staff training and development both onshore and offshore to support our clients’ specific needs.
  • By offering our personnel training in the local language of our clients, we can deliver services more quickly, efficiently and seamlessly than other software development companies.

We use both open source and third-party platforms to devise the most sophisticated, cost-effective solutions, which is just one of the many reasons why our software company belongs to the world’s top software companies.

We have developed numerous Centers of Excellence to carry out research and to deliver cutting-edge solutions using:

  • Cloud computing
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Oracle
  • Python
  • Unix
  • Windows

We extensively analyze client needs before choosing the most suitable solutions in terms of compliance, development time, integration, maintenance and security.

We work quickly and responsibly:

  • We use tried-and-tested methods and processes.
  • Our solutions provide low latency and rapid returns.
  • WorldSystems’s team of almost 1,000 highly-skilled experts delivers outstanding results at greatly reduced costs.
  • WorldSystems believes in being transparent, straightforward and accountable.
  • We deliver all projects punctually and within budget, whether their contract type. We account for our errors and we stay with projects until clients are fully satisfied.

We are proud of our reputation and want to maintain it:

  • Source code and other intellectual property rights assigned to client on completion.
  • We don’t pose as competition to our clients.
  • Client confidentiality respected.
  • Transparency with personnel and clients.
  • We only recruit trustworthy personnel.
  • Client trust never abused.

Our organization:

  • We were established in the software companies list as a New York C-Corp business in the late 90s. We have maintained an outstanding reputation with no litigation record.
  • Our company leadership, financial performance and balance sheet are sound.
  • We support diversification that befits one of the world top 10 software companies.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) provided.
  • Approved vendor for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

How we operate:

  • Personnel trained in confidentiality and security matters.
  • Due diligence applied to recruitment practices.
  • Projects monitored for compliance
  • Compliance and personnel security checks at project start-up and sign-off stages.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for secure communications and data storage.
  • 24x7 physical security with scheduled access for project workers.
  • Project data and software segregation to distinguish between test and live systems. Final data population in live system undertaken at client site.
  • Special security applied to sensitive data, redundant servers, data storage and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

We recruit the most highly qualified software developers and engineers:

  • Primary focus on desktop and web application development.
  • Total dedication to high-quality customer service and software engineering excellence.
  • We only employ the most highly-educated and experienced talent in the marketplace.
  • Integrity, trustworthiness and honesty required in all employees.
  • A combination of profound industry knowledge, flexibility and offshore cost-effectiveness is why our software company dominates at the marketplace.
  • Annual employee turnover under 8%.

Clients can choose between Fixed Pricing or Time and Materials Pricing:

  • Many clients prefer Fixed Pricing in the belief that Time and Materials is more risky. Others think the opposite. We appreciate that it is often risky for a client to engage a new provider, while it is often risky for the provider to undertake a challenging project. However, we understand that risks cannot be sidelined and that if a provider doesn’t deliver, they don’t receive full payment whatever the contract type. So, we take responsibility and accept the associated risks, whether we are developing desktop applications or software company websites.

Clients need to know their projects status:

  • Because much of our work is undertaken remotely, that is our software company makes extra effort to keep clients fully informed.
  • We discuss project risks openly and honestly with clients. If problems arise or there is potential for problems to occur, we prefer to discuss them honestly in the first place, even if it means losing a project, than provide misleading or dishonest information or cause projects to fail.
  • We facilitate direct communication between our project team and clients so that the latter continually have access to real time reports and information.