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Worldsystem high perfomance software development

Our People

At WorldSystems we realize that our software developers are our most valuable asset. For the past 15 years, we have done our best to attract and keep the best available talent. Many of those who helped found our software development business are now senior managers, under whose leadership we continue to thrive.

The staff turnover at WorldSystems is virtually nil because we provide a nurturing environment, which enables our software developers to flourish.

We have Sales and Project Management teams working in the UK and USA who interface with our clientele to devise comprehensive project specifications, which they then communicate clearly to our application and PHP web development teams.

Each software and website developer that WorldSystems employs holds a Master’s or PhD degree and have significant PHP developer experience. Our development, workflow and delivery methods are first-rate.

We expect candidates for all software development jobs we offer to and have a minimum of five years experience.

Our Service Model

We believe in power of communication. We maintain a team of sales and project management personnel in the USA and UK. We make frequent site visits to each off-site engineer or web software developer and we regularly invite offshore clients to visit us.

We apply the following rules to our dealings with clients:

  • Availability. We always quickly respond to or acknowledge client queries.
  • Attentiveness. We listen to clients and provide carefully-considered and accurate responses.
  • Capability. We always tell clients how we are going to address a problem.

Every project requires monitoring, measuring and controlling. We apply stringent process control to ensure that any unexpected issues can be identified and dealt with. As part of each software developer work routine, projects are regularly reviewed to ensure they are progressing according to plan.

These reviews include:

Technical health checks:

  • An independent expert undertakes regular technical audits on each project. The frequency of these audits depends on factors such as the project complexity and deadline.

Typically, audits are based on the following criteria:

  • That technical decision making is sound and takes account of the bigger picture.
  • Project compromises are evaluated.
  • Ensuring all the project stages are being maintained in respect of monitoring, reporting and other agreed actions.
  • At the outset, each project manager and web software developer is made fully aware of the project requirements, responsibilities, deliverables and deadlines.
  • Project level health checks. Each month, a management team undertakes a review of all live projects to ensure the prescribed procedures are being maintained. These reviews also ensure that relationships amongst the project team are running smoothly and harmoniously.
  • Corporate level health check: This is the highest level review where chief executives and board members review project compliance. They also act as the senior point of authority to which all project-related problems are escalated to for resolution.

Our corporate policy towards our software developers

Since its beginnings, WorldSystems has taken the view that our software developers are the key to our success and that each individual application and web software developer makes an invaluable contribution to our onshore and offshore services.

Identifying, recruiting and keeping the most talented people remains our primary objective to help us remain competitive. We appreciate that there are many people who could fill a web developer job but there are only some who can do it with the dedication and passion we require. So, WorldSystems goes out of its way to find and retain the very best people.

To build a team fit to serve our clientele, we make sure that every software and web developer job applicant is suitably skilled and experienced. We also ensure that each software developer is a team player with the ability to solve people problems as well as technical problems. We require our people to be friendly and cooperative so that the teams they belong to are harmonious ones.

Our Focus

The current recession has created a situation where businesses who would not previously consider outsourcing now see it as a very viable option. With leaner operating budgets, they need reliability and transparency. It is in these areas that WorldSystems, with its keen customer focus and outstanding people talent, outshines all its onshore and offshore competitors.