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Our Partners

We form partnerships with the most innovative market-leading technology companies which, in turn, enables WorldSystems to develop powerful solutions for our clients.

Amongst our partners, WorldSystems has joined forces with top software company, Actual Technologies, a company which provides ODBC drivers for the Mac OS X. This relationship is a closely collaborative one where we work with Actual to develop improved ODBC-based solutions for our clients.

For the past decade, we have also counted Apple, which certainly features in the world top 10 software companies list, as one of our partners. Part of our collaboration centers around the Real Studio product which is compatible with several Mac OS X platforms. Indeed, it is the only commercial cross-platform development solution capable of compiling Universal Binaries in the Mac OS X.

WorldSystems enjoys a strong link with Intel, another top ten software company although Intel are also renowned for their hardware platforms. This relationship benefits us because Real Studio is the one tool known for being able to compile Intel-specific apps from one source for their own desktop operating systems.

Novell is another one of our partners and we regularly contribute to their conference activities while they have reciprocated by sponsoring many of our global events. A benefit of our partnership with this top 10 software company is that SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is a formally recognized platform for the Real Studio tool.

The primary advantage in the partnership between WorldSystems and top software provider Ubuntu is that their version 6.10 product also supports Real Studio and therefore increases its versatility.

The collaboration between WorldSystems and Red Hat is also chiefly based on the fact that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is a recognized support platform for Real Studio.

As part of our recognition of the importance of close alliances with providers of website development software and the top software companies who provide cutting-edge solutions, we have also aligned ourselves with the manufacturers, Academic Superstore. This partnership allows us to avail of superb service and a discounted pricing structure that is usually only available to the educational sector.

WorldSystems is delighted to have MicroWorks as one of our partners because their products provide versatile functionality across a range of platforms. For instance, the SmartDongle USB security device provided by MicroWorks is suitable for Mac, Linux and Windows platforms using Real Studio code.

This list of our partners, with more information about their products and services, is available on our software development company website. While collaboration with such industry-leading names offers us many benefits, such as ensuring, we are constantly at the leading end of our industry, the chief advantage is that such partnerships enable us to provide state-of-the-art custom web development to our own valued clientele.