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Business Service Management (BSM) – the learning and education aspects

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Often, when new business service management software or solutions are introduced in an organization, they are greeted suspiciously by employees and, as a result, as many as three out of every four new business initiatives fail to provide adequate return on investment. This makes employee education and training crucial. So, what is business service management training and how should it be approached?

The most important aspect of getting a good return on such projects is that users accept and use new systems. WorldSystems offers a user education and training service business program that will help your organization improve user acceptance levels through the industry recognized BSM training program.

Our user adoption or acceptance program is based on a comprehensive education and certification plan, which promotes awareness of the aims and benefits of the project. It clearly sets out any role changes that may occur, thereby, improving user acceptance levels.

We take a four-stage approach to system adoption:

  • Awareness
  • Enablement for project team
  • Enablement for system users
  • Monitoring and measuring

Through the awareness stage, we communicate the initiative to the organization to garner support and acceptance of it.

Enablement for the project team is essentially a review of the new business service management solutions in terms of the technical and process changes that will ensue. This will also include a review of the ongoing administration and operational implications.

The user enablement stage defines role changes with clear job specifications to ensure users have the necessary skills to adopt and accept any new initiative or improved software for service delivery.

Monitoring and measuring is an ongoing process after deployment. During this stage, acceptance targets will be set and the results reviewed periodically.

To start a business management services training program, you first need to contact our customer service business education team to arrange a needs analysis for your organization. From there, we will develop a tailored plan and submit it to you and your executives for review and agreement, a process which is usually completed within a month.

Our Certification Programs

WorldSystems’s certification programs are individually tailored to provide optimum value. Our skills-enhancing programs include certification routes for a range of products including your cloud computing solutions or any IT or business service management initiatives you are about to introduce.

We Offer Two Levels of Certification:

  • Certified Technical Professional – This program is aligned to prescribed, out-of-the-box assessment criteria. Once the candidate successfully passes the online assessment, they can enlist for the practical examination which, when passed, will result in them being awarded Certified Technical Professional status.
  • Certified Technical Expert (will be available soon) – This certification is based on system configuration and integration knowledge. To qualify for this program, candidates must already be an WorldSystems Certified Technical Professional. Again, this requires candidates to successfully pass an online assessment before enrolling for the practical examination. Once this is passed, Certified Technical Expert status will be awarded.

Having one or both of these WorldSystems certifications is a clear indication that the holder has the appropriate skills and knowledge to implement specific technologies competently and professionally.

Are these certifications worth investing in?

These certifications are proof that the holder:

  • Has expert knowledge of WorldSystems products.
  • Can handle complex technical assignments.
  • Has professional, up-to-date technical skills.
  • Can join other industry professionals to share knowledge and expertise.

How to Get Certified

No matter whether you provide software as a service or a product, you can qualify for certification by registering and paying for the online study materials and examination. On successful completion, you can then register and pay for the practical examination.

You can register for WorldSystems Partner status by accessing the relevant area on our website with your allocated username and password. From there, you can register for the most suitable certification program