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ISO/IEC 27001

ISO (International Standards Organizaton) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 27001 ISO and IEC certification regulates all elements of the IT Security Management within an organization. WorldSystems holds 27001 certification, which underlines our commitment to applying the prescribed standards to all aspects of our IT security practices.

ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001:2008

WorldSystems holds ISO certification to level 9001:2008 level signifying that our application development practices adhere to the prescribed quality management control procedures. It is a quality assurance statement that many clients require when they engage an onshore or offshore outsourcing company.

Microsoft® Certified Partner Status

Microsoft offers a partners network to which over 640,000 global businesses, including WorldSystems, subscribe. Through this MPN (Microsoft Partner Network), we have Gold and Silver certification for software and web development respectively, showing our technical competence to develop and deliver specific Microsoft technologies.

Oracle Partner Network – Gold Member Status

We are also part of the OPN, which is the Oracle Partner Network, to which over 15,000 global companies who provide cutting-edge Oracle-based platforms belong. This membership enables WorldSystems to offer our clients a world-class outsourcing offshoring service.

Certified Professionals

For businesses contemplating offshore outsourcing of services, it is worth noting that WorldSystems provides its staff with a range of training and employee certification programs, which makes them exceptionally competent in offshore software service provision. Almost 80% of our personnel hold Microsoft, ISTQB, Zend, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and other accredited qualifications.

Science and Technology Association - Infopark Membership

WorldSystems is a member of Infopark, a voluntary Science and Technology Association in the Republic of Belarus, which emphasizes our dedication to applying the highest standards to offshore application development, product testing, service delivery and employee training.

Corporate Membership of IAOP – The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals

The IAOP, of which we are corporate members, unites all players in the offshore outsourcing industry. Our membership enables us to collaborate with other providers, clients and consultants to share ideas and discuss what is offshore outsourcing and what best practices can be applied to make it more effective, efficient and cost-effective. Our membership also gives us exclusive access to all the certification programs, training, research and networking channels that IAOP has to offer.

Eastern European Chapter of IAOP – Chairmanship

Two prominent member companies of the IAOP established the new Eastern European chapter in 2009 to promote awareness and highlight IT professionalism in the region. This new chapter offers accreditation and training programs to underpin the region’s outsourcing professionals amongst its many other worthy objectives. We had the privilege of chairing this new regional chapter.

Associate Membership of the IT Ukraine Association

Our associate membership of the IT Ukraine Association allows WorldSystems to contribute to promoting and consolidating Ukraine IT products and services in the global marketplace. The objective of this association is to unify all the different aspects of IT provision to international industry standards and to set the foundations for future development of IT in Ukraine. We enjoy a myriad of networking and promotional opportunities through this association.

Membership of the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative

WorldSystems holds initiative membership of the Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, which is a network of companies with an interest in outsourcing offshore. The objective is to highlight the Ukraine application development industry and our membership allows us to improve our software outsourcing interests in the region to the benefit of our clients.

SBA Certified Small Business – SBA Certified Small Business Member

Our certified membership of the US Small Business Administration (SBA), which is a 50 year-old government initiative to help, advise and safeguard small businesses, reinforces WorldSystems’s ethics of integrity, inspired leadership and enterprise.

Membership of IAMCP – the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners

WorldSystems’s membership of IAMCP helps our initiatives in the areas of service development and growth. We closely collaborate with other member companies to focus our Microsoft technology strategies and generally build beneficial partnerships and training programs.

Associate Membership of the Sun Partner Advantage Program

As a partner in the Sun Advantage Program, WorldSystems and its clients benefit from software discounts, marketing services, sales initiatives and superior technical support. It additionally makes us part of an insightful and dynamic software development community.

Business Partner of IBM

With Independent Software Vendors status as an IBM Business Partner, WorldSystems also holds membership of PartnerWorld, another IBM network whose benefits include technical support, training and marketing opportunities.