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Senior Project Manager

     Our company is seeking the perfect candidate to fill the Senior Project Manager position.  This role requires strong organizational skills, a superb ability to communicate and the candidate who can work well on teams, managing lower level employees.   Experience in planning and performance management A+.  This job entails the achievement of operational objectives by contributing recommendations and information to the company's strategic plans, completing action plans, implementing productivity, production, quality and customer care standards.  The candidate should have good problem solving skills and be able to resolve IT project problems as they arise while meeting financial boundaries and objectives. 


  • Owns project budget and P&L responsibility for the project.
  • Are active inrequirements gathering process.
  • Plans the work for the team.
  • Reports,  tracks, determines on priorities and project status.
  • Informs team on project status and updates.

Required skills:

  • 3 years of experience as Team Lead in 3+ people.
  • Understanding of IT industry trends.
  • Experience in doing requirements analysis, writing proposals and specifications.
  • Excellent communications and team-building abilities.
  • Detail orientation.
  • Proficiency in using Project Management tools.
  • Understanding of differences between commonly used software architectures.