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Worldsystem high perfomance software development

.NET Solution Architect

     We are seeking a .NET Solution Architect who can design an overall system, including solution architecture, integration and implementation  He or she must be able to test, develop and deploy all NET applications across various platforms and to stay within designated time frames and budgets.  The candidate will be asked to take  ensure effective performance of all aspects of the SDLC and to maintain its high quality.   Our .NET Solution Architect will be asked to work in unison with End-Users, Creative Directors, Project Managers, Software Engineers and company Account Executives to ensure all projects are delivered successfully.


  • Identify risks of the project’s technology.
  • Analyze project requirements.
  • Review application designs.
  • Suggest technology (which technologies are best for the project).


  • ASP.NET 2.0 (Profiles, Master pages, Web parts, Themes, AJAX).
  • MTS / COM/Win32/ COM +.
  • SQL Server 2005 (Notification Services/ Triggers/Managed Stored Procs).
  • Web Services/.Net Remoting/WS Enhancements.
  • Multithreaded Backend Services/Windows Services.
  • Asynchronous Programming.
  • MSMQ.
  • .Net Control Development.
  • SDK Development.
  • .Net Interop.
  • Microsoft Enterprise Library.
  • WMI/Active Directory.
  • MS ESS.
  • .Net Framework 3.0 (XAML, WCF, WCF, WPF).

And you must have/be:

  • B2B Systems, Exposure to SOA, Distributed Systems, Smart Clients.
  • Exposure to the entire Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Strong OOD and analysis skills, specifically in the use of design patterns.
  • MSC/BSC degree.
  • Experience writing significant portions of software projects.
  • Some experience in architect.