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Middle iPhone Developer

     Our company is seeking the perfect candidate to fill the Middle iPhone Developer position on a full-time basis.  The person who fills this position will be expected to work with our senior development team to develop apps for the iPhone and to quickly take products to the market in an effective manner.  The perfect candidate will be able to help design application strategies, work flow, coding, graphics and creation of all types of web-based applications needed as part of a solution.  The person who fills this position will provide mobile apps design, external consulting with clients and development services for  not only the iPhone, but for other platforms as well.  1-3 years experience is preferred with a strong educational background in Internet Technology.


  • Quickly build prototypes from concepts.
  • Improve usability of existing applications and games.
  • Creation of new and modernization of existing applications and games.


  • Knowledge in modern technologies and solutions.
  • 2+ years of working experience in iPhone Development.
  • Excellent knowledge of C and C++.
  • Examples of AppStore approved applications is necessary.
  • Ability to create interfaces using Interface builder.
  • Required experience with: Core Data, GCD.