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Worldsystem high perfomance software development

Junior Ruby on Rails Developer

     Our company is seeking a Junior Ruby on Rails Developer for the opportunity to work closely with,  and to learn from,  some of the most highly advanced developers in the industry.  The ideal candidate for this position will have 2-3 years experience in conceptual phase, building, shipping and maintaining ROR apps in a production environment, and have production deployment of Mongo Database.   He or she will be comfortable with working on a full stack and know CSS and HTML.  It is imperative that the person chosen for this position have good communication skills.  Experience with AWS, Python, Dig Data and any of the major social media outlets such as Facebook, is a plus. 


  • Managing web-applications.
  • Maintain web-applications.
  • Develop web-services.


  • 1-1,5+ years of experience with Ruby.
  • Good understanding of OOP programming techniques.
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL.
  • Understanding of WEB services/technologies/protocols/languages.
  • Understanding of different scalability techniques including caching