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Worldsystem high perfomance software development

Junior C# Developer

     Our professional software development organization is seeking a Junior C# Developer to work with sustainable high technology businesses, as well as with startup companies to develop their necessary applications.   The ideal person for this job will possess strong Winforms and C# skills.  He or she will possess proficiency in working on large scale enterprise products and have impressive SQL Skills.  Experience with XP, Scrum and other methodologies is a plus.


  • Software design and complex interconnected systems.
  • Develop new technologies that will be used in the project.
  • Enhance your professional skills, which can help you to become Senior developer in the future.


  • .NET/C#.
  • Experience with development client-server applications.
  • Experience in databases, preferably SQL Server or Oracle.
  • App-GUI (Win-Forms, customized to VP2 GUI).
  • Extensive experience with MS SQL Server.