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Junior Android Developer

     We are seeking to fill the position of Junior Android Developer to be part of our Mobile team.  The person who fills this position will use his or her skills for the development of native applications that run of SmartPhones and on portable tablets.  He or she will be pressed to bring innovative new ideas to the mobile application arena and to ensure that all apps render correctly.  He or she will be asked to manage memory allocation and to handle battery life.  The primary function of the Junior Android Developer is to drive business value into the company.  The junior Android Developer will be required to develop apps for Sales, Marketing, Service, Business Service and Manufacturing departments of the company.  The position will fall under that of a larger mobile team.


  • Application development.
  • Development, architecture, implementation of the new features.
  • Application testing and troubleshooting.


  • Knowledge and practical experience with Java, Android SDK.
  • Android development/test environment.
  • Experience with Agile & Scrum is a plus.
  • Intermediate level of English.

Optional Requirements:

  • Understanding of embedded Linux.
  • Self-organized person.
  • Analytical thinking.