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CakePHP Development

Why WorldSystems Believes that CakePHP Development is the Best Option

When it comes to web application development, there are many choices but businesses must make just one decision, so it can be quite confusing. While, on the surface, CakePHP and the core PHP product may seem very similar they are, in fact, very different. So, we need to establish why CakePHP application development is the better choice. WorldSystems has built an enviable reputation in the field of CakePHP development, so we are qualified to address this question because our team are fully conversant with every recipe in the CakePHP 1.3 application development cookbook.

Our significant experience of working with CakePHP development India has given us considerable knowledge of the product and we know how our clients can benefit from it. It offers unlimited potential as a stable and versatile development technology, which can reduce re-engineering time considerably because code can be reused.

WorldSystems Offers Quick Delivery Based on MySQL and CakePHP Development Methods

The PHP Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework, CakePHP, provides developers with the tools to build secure, reliable and robust web applications. Our vast experience has given us the ability to offer numerous development services based on CakePHP, including:

  • Websites and web applications
  • Support and maintenance of CakePHP applications
  • Customized CakePHP solutions
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Clients can hire our CakePHP developers
  • Customized segments and modules
  • Integration services
  • Shopping cart and other online store utilities
  • Application extensions
  • Server application development and configuration
  • Consultancy services and CakePHP application development download options
  • Template customization and design
  • Component design and development.

The potential offered by CakePHP is vast and is described in the CakePHP application development PDF available on our website. While requirements vary amongst client businesses, we have the expertise to accommodate all types and levels of CakePHP web development requirements.

Clients Can Hire our Programmers for Customized CakePHP Development Projects

Often, clients ask us to undertake specialized development work which falls outside the remit of our normal service offerings. In these cases, we offer clients the option of hiring CakePHP developers directly from us for the duration of their projects. Such arrangements ensure our development staff apply our particular standards and values to each project they are assigned to.

Clients can hire CakePHP developers whenever they need to, for example, by the hour, day, week, fortnight or month. Our team are available 24x7 to report to clients as required and provide a top-quality service.

Learn More about Our CakePHP Development Services

At WorldSystems, CakePHP development is our specialty and our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Irrespective of whether they want applications or portals to accommodate real estate activities, social media and networking, or any other type of e-commerce, entertainment or business-based website, we are here to help. In engaging us, clients can expect the following benefits:

  • Over seven years of industry experience.
  • Reliability for delivering the best CakePHP services in our marketplace.
  • CakePHP coding standards that are both top-quality and cost-efficient.
  • 24x7 customer support services.
  • Total focus on the project requirements of our clientele.
  • Development standards that are compatible with PHP version 4 and PHP5.

We enjoy taking on unique and challenging projects, so we will make any necessary changes to our services to undertake such challenges. Please, feel free to get in touch with us to have your unique project requirements analyzed and resolved.