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Blackberry App Development

The BlackBerry is emerging as the new generation of smart phones. In part, this is because it facilitates email, fast internet browsing, instant messaging and a range of multimedia programs. An additional distinguishing feature of the BlackBerry is its useful PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) capability, a feature which provides an email facility, a to-do list, an address book and auto-texting with text prediction and text emotions. These features allow the owner to send and receive messages, store data and manage their business contacts and data very conveniently

BlackBerry users find the device very useful because it lets them undertake an array of business functions, some of which include:

  • Manage email
  • Organize personal data
  • Avail of the voice messaging system
  • Avail of a range of mobile business applications
  • Use instant messaging as required
  • Manage customer relationships
  • Plan and manage enterprise resources.

The BlackBerry app development experts at WorldSystems are able to deliver a full range of BlackBerry services from our Offshore Development Center (ODC) based in India. We have witnessed an enormous uptake in the demand for app development for BlackBerry messaging and enterprise applications because more corporate leaders and entrepreneurs rely on this mobile phone device for daily communication and for transaction of all types of business.

The BlackBerry developers at WorldSystems are thoroughly knowledgeable in all the following aspects of the BlackBerry mobile app development environment and provide a useful BlackBerry app development tutorial for those who are interested in learning more about its capabilities:

BlackBerry App Development Platforms

  • The BlackBerry SDK (software development kit) and the BlackBerry JDE versions 4.1 and 4.7 for building enterprise applications.
  • The BlackBerry MDS and the J2ME environments for programming and software development activities.

BlackBerry App Development Tool Set

  • As part of the BlackBerry app development tools, the Eclipse is a web-based plug-in for developing, debugging and testing BlackBerry -based applications.
  • The Visual Studio development tool is commonly used for writing code, debugging and testing BlackBerry content and applications.
  • The Common line Tool enables developers to pack compressed content into the BlackBerry widget.
  • The Stimulator tool enables developers to preview browser-enabled application performance on the phone so that flaws can be spotted and eradicated before final release of an error-free application.
  • The Theme Studio tool enables developers to make optimum use of the graphic design tools as well as adding splash screens, smart phone themes and animation to ensure the BlackBerry applications are as interactive as possible.
  • The Java development tools enable developers to use the Java plug-in for the Eclipse development platform to create Java-enabled applications for the BlackBerry .

Our BlackBerry App Development Capability

Our BlackBerry app development cost structure is entirely reasonable to enable you to improve your own or your client’s enterprise potential. Our development team will take the time to carefully analyze your needs, your consumer base, the purpose of the application and its scope before designing and delivering the most suitable solution. In this way, we can be sure to provide you with the ideal BlackBerry application to help your business run efficiently and in a more streamlined manner. Our services, incorporating the BlackBerry playbook app development kit, cover a wide range of applications to suit many diverse industry types.