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Android Game Development

The Android operating system made available by Google is an extremely popular development environment. It offers outstanding features which have made Android game development phenomenally desirable by users on the move.

At WorldSystems, our professional team has built up a wealth of experience in customized game development on Android for customers with often complex requirements. We have a profound knowledge of the Android development environment and we are able to deliver truly enthralling games. Some of the more beneficial features of game development in Android are:

  • Affordable development costs – As an open source platform, the cost of game development for Android is attractively low, which is beneficial for customers.
  • High customization potential - Android applications are created on Linux Core; so this offers developers excellent scope for producing customized applications from the off.
  • Android offers superb robustness and stability - Because Android applications are developed around the Linux kernel, abnormalities are prevented from affecting the build process which, in turn, prevents programs from crashing. This stability is carried forward to the mobile phone devices making their applications more robust.
  • Easy and rapid application development – Because it is Java-based, Android enables developers to leverage the power of Java’s extensive range of tools and libraries, which allows enthralling games to be produced quickly.
  • Equal programming standards – Android’s indiscriminate nature means it doesn’t distinguish between the phone’s own applications and third party ones, so developers can improve device during the development process.
  • Improved experience for the user – Developers are not hindered by limited graphics and storage or the other restrictions of a phone’s in-built applications because they incorporate power-enhancing 2D and 3D graphics as well as SQ Lite database, which improves the user experience.

Android is dominating the mobile phone gaming industry because it bridges the gap made by the iPhone and Blackberry, both of which accommodate a different consumer market. Our game development experts can be hired directly by customers for particular projects where they can manage their progress remotely or on their own site.

Our professional developers are thoroughly experienced in producing appropriate Android gaming solutions, which are delivered with helpful Android game development tutorials. Their development work has attracted high praise for its exciting, engaging and innovative quality in addition to its excellent use of graphics and logical structure.

Features Associated with Android Game Development:

  • The Java element ensures games are exciting
  • Our Android 2d game development and 3d games are fully customizable
  • Exceptional graphics quality built-in
  • Use of SQL Lite database improves user experience
  • Single and multiple game user options

Compatibility for gaming across multiple platforms

We Offer Android Game Development in the Following Categories:

  • Adventure and action
  • Arcade games
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Educational games
  • Puzzles games
  • Simulation games
  • Sports and leisure games
  • Word games
  • And many others

The Benefits of Android Game Development Offered by WorldSystems include:

  • Highly competent and professionally-skilled development team
  • Affordable solutions of the highest quality
  • Quick project delivery
  • Punctual project delivery
  • Development work undertaken in compliance with industry recommended standards
  • Scalable games built robustly with high levels of interaction.

We offer clients the opportunity to hire some of the best developers the industry has to offer for their particular projects. While we have full confidence in our developer’s abilities, we enable clients to test their skills before engaging them.

We are confident we can deliver any type of Android project to the full satisfaction of our clients. We take pleasure in learning about our clients’ requirements and designing appropriate solutions accordingly. To find out more about how Android development can help you, you can refer to the helpful Android game development book or the Android game development tutorial, which are both available for download on our website.